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Monday, March 18, 2013

putting 4 springs of fake greenery in a pot and other things that pass as crafts

 a perfect girls night in (with a touch of crazy cat lady)
 the best kind of herbs to grow in your kitchen -- ok real ones would be nice, but then I would kill them ;)
 killer bowler documented. on another scrapbooking frenzy... the dining room is half laundry station half paper scrap storage
have been plunking around on the piano again. the kids playing their instruments. (littlest c is just back from fiddle camp where he did his celtic roots proud) and he and the middlest have been swapping up instruments (fiddle to electric guitar) to fair results. making me think I might pursue teaching them piano more aggressively. (as is actually getting around to it -- not tiger-mothering them) we'll see. a bit of writing took place at fiddle camp. now to get it organized.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

lovey paper pieces on hastily refinished furniture

i am in love with the new whiskas commercial because smokey is our family's baby like that. it's ok. you can laugh. we will not be shamed ;)

i am debating throwing a collage on a new novel contributing notebook so the creative juice doesn't solely flow into the kiddie's scrapbooks and the furniture redoing i can't seem to get enough of. (you know i like efficiency so the scrapbook pages are likely whipped up with pictures inserted later -- you think it won't work but it does -- see snowboarding page for example -- free yourself from the alignment of pictures prints and supplies and time handy -- just do it out of order and be done with it)
note: "the wanted-- high scores" layout uses my junk mail letter sourcing technique -- a rant against the dangers of type II diabetes has never looked so good ;)

and the drybrushed to antique table and it's color matched but solid glossy sister (because i'm not a fan of matchy-matchy) were done with a custom acrylic paint blend -- basically black and brown, but blend sounds better, don't you think? ;) super fast paint jobs hurried up by the realization that my blond sister and i both had the day off and my kids were in school so we had time for a costco run and a gym visit before glossing the tables with a varathane and setting out the after school snacks (or letting the kids forage for food whatever the case actually was ;)
middlest is still writing poems which means i haven't yet run out of snacks

looking forward to another movie night, a day of rest, and then one of the mondays i love to follow that. it may be predictable, but it's our predictable.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

playing with ribbon and other rainy day activities

you know those cute folded ribbons that you see coming out in the new scrapbooking catalogues? well, i like them, but mine are boy books so the bling and ribbon i buy get used less than they would if i had to do princess pages. (plus a lot of the packs include girly colours i can't use) so i decided to make my own
steps for the interested:
1. fold ribbon (i used vintage sheen binding) and pin with a long dressmaker's pin
2. if you want a smooth like the retail thing look, fold all in one direction, with equal spacing and use matching thread to hand stitch
3. if you want a punky look to match your boy page, stitch with alternating stitch size with a contrasting color and do sections with different techniques to get a row of looks in one ribbon.
4. stitch to page (or glue dot if you are going for the smooth look)

the weather is still holding in a grey little pattern so i think a day of writing and listing cute items in the thrifty chicks store is in order.

handmade projects

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

broken hearts operate more effectively

in celebration of thanksgiving (and in lieu of actual work on the long weekend) i read this book. with the get your head out of your butt tagline "do something bigger than yourself" you know it's going to be good. (and a fast engaging read)

then i opened it and read this quote from bono in the introduction (click on the picture to enlarge)and had to scrapbook it onto something quick. mine now resides in my coffee station to start the morning with a living in a hurting world focus and the other two are in the homes of my softest heart girlfriends (cindy and stef if you must know ;)

after a long morning coffee with my mom (which i needed due to the getting up in the middle of the night to study solo and order pictures to scrapbook) i am getting the to do list tackled and think i might have opened up a new chunk of writing time with the crock pot implementation monica suggested. wish my characters well -- they're going to be busy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

it does my heart good

it's the PM and i'm brainstorming ways to run the kids into bed as to get on with movie night with D. my pjs are a little less stylin because i had to throw my cute tee into the wash post hamburger grease dinner splatter, but D has no idea i coordinate loungewear so he won't notice. notebook is on the couch for mid-movie writing i hope he won't notice either ;)

today i spent a fantastic day scrapbooking with some great girls in a banquet room of a local hotel. there is nothing like cutting paper and glueing them in patterns around your favorite summer memories while drinking non-stop caffeine handily stocked up at a linen covered table nearby. lovely, lovely, lovely.

the scrapbooking. i hadn't realized how much i have missed for the last few months -- it's like visual affirmation of good-enough motherhood seeing how things have played out and the memories we have made and the everyday (some easier than others) coming together in a series of beautiful moments i feel lucky to have caught on film. because i am so visual, it's like a picture version of my much loved gratitude journal. remind me to fill up on it a little sooner next time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

6 month itch

it's been a long work day and i just wrapped it up with a small freelance editing job to accompany my steak and a glass of something so unfancy it just said RED on the bottle.

would love to relax with something productive, like some more of these scrapbooking pages, but i'm too tired. reading sounds good too, but i've burned through three of the four books bought last week and am finding the one on the go good in a satisfying tackling a few pages at a time kind of way.

kids are adding, even at this hour, to my errand list with specialty store project requests (they have obviously not been properly impressed by my to-do list)

it was a decent fiction output kind of day, only a bit plagued by my 2010 big picture looming -- am i going the right direction i thought i was in january? i guess if i turned complementary turn this month, it would look like a deliberate mid year move and not some fear stricken back- tracking. nothing life shattering, just my inner editor and planner duking it out with the go with the flow girl. (who are we kidding? have you seen my personal calendar -- who do you think is going to win? ;)

will likely ruminate more tommorow and bother my girlfriends with "what do you think?" in days upcoming. for now. for now, even the books are put away. "intervention" is on.
love the salvation army ad that runs in its commercial breaks. amazing grace never fails to get me weepy so you know these stories of hope are doing double duty
will have to read eat pray love. for its vicarious travel and clever quotes. ♥ this quote about prayer within the happiness equation {so true that we often don't pray as hard as we do in crisis as we do in everyday mundane and happy. but it is an amazing thing when little thoughts start wondering and turn into prayers -- truly what the apostle paul was talking about when he said "pray without ceasing" [in case u were picturing a holed up closet somewhere instead of a carpool lane with one's eyes wide open] }as quoted by one of my fave bloggers to read. so if you're currently holding onto a copy you want to share, send it over.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

about some things you will say i don't choose to go there. (-dr seuss)

a good chugging along on the to do list, catching up with my splurge girls and an after work front step starbucks with my sis (the blond one) -- the cherry on top of life, friendship is.

looking forward to the long weekend already. (hiking, beach sitting if the weather cooperates, writing, reading... mmm can't wait)

trying not to demotivate myself by setting the goal bar too high on the work front for the next couple of days. (ie. no need to try and hit yearly goals in a couple of days just because you see the opportunity) good thing i married a take your blood pressure down a few notches kind of guy or i would be a frazzly mess. off to hang out with him now. night all.

leaving you with a solution to the overstock of halloween paper you might find yourself with. use the bits that are not ghoulish to celebrate something completely different (the dark, bats, cats, pumpkin gardening, etc) or cut out the letters and scrap like a bank robber.

i did "happy camping in the dark" by covering the un-useful bits with coordinating paper and "a map to dreamland" by re-using letters to make my own title and journalling and the excess paper to frame out the pictures. try it yourself and leave me a link to your ideas.

Monday, May 10, 2010

didn't we just start a work week just a second ago?

because it totally feels like that.
ok, i am craving summer and its long days of nothing. not because i won't have to work, but because it won't feel like work with everyone around doing their relaxed thing.

i so know that by the end of it i will be looking forward to back to school and then Christmas.

it's all part of anticipating the seasons -- a healthy checking out the greener grass in your own life, drawing on memories from seasons past to make it more intense.

and i've been looking through our scrapbooks and the summers with the beaching just jump right out ;)

off to make lunches now. will write part of that ongoing story right before i head out on the kindergartener's mother's tea.

if you're not laying on the beach, i wish you a cozy day instead.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

what can i say? i'm easily entertained

i've been, between writing, adding details to my scrapbook layouts from a couple of years ago. (don't worry -- i am not redoing them -- i do sometimes, but these are all fine, just lacking journalling and embellishments) it was a busy season of life -- mutiple work gigs and some life restructuring thrown in -- and i'm glad i focused on just making the memories and putting the pictures in order {i think it's likely i saw the 4 pictures glued onto a white 12x12 pages as done ;) but it's been great fun to look back and add some details while i still remember them.

my cat has been creating more adorable photo ops for the creepy cat lady coffee table book i'm sure is in the future ;)
he likes sitting in the sink trying to turn his head sideways to drink from the water like the boys. it does not deter him when he lands up drinking into his eyeball.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the beauty of day's end and day's beginning for that matter

breakfast is that much more enjoyable when contained by one's new fave mug. if you see me sticking my favorite breakfast {eggs blackstone} in there next week, get worried.

today was a whirl of a day {the pick up takeout pizza and beg the kids to help with chores because your girlfriends are coming over -- all 8 of them and your favorite d is working late}

i spent the day with my middleschooler's class at the vancouver art gallery. (while a good friend accompanied my KGer on his gymnastics club fieldtrip due to my lack of body splitting to be in two places at once skills)loved it, took stalking pics of the back of his head while he hung out with his friends -- my attempt to scrapbook him on the DL.

post partini game playing, miss splurge costume wearing {long story -- think grown women dressed in candy colored grad dress confections purely for a laugh and a chance to win a hand embroidered miss splurge sash -- which i'm sure jacki will treasure forever ;)} i watched some tv with d, successfully fought the urge to post all the great 2 thrifty chicks goodies i can easily do tommorow and am now reading in bed.

early early AM is soon enough to get to all that work. and yeah, i should finish that story that while i am loving is dragging on too long

Thursday, April 08, 2010

one step closer to crafting dryer lint

plastic bag craft flower
scrapbook page featuring kid art
ok, still haven't thought of something to incorporate dryer lint into (i take my eco-girl identity seriously ;) but i might have found a solution to the world's plastic bag problem if what it needs instead is millions of little plastic bag flower embellishments ;)
it's been a busy fiction submission couple of days. working on the third in two days -- the one that was previously not being cooperative. sometimes it's good to set it sit tight while you work on other stories and craft away. my newest page was inspired by C.D Muckosky's page in Creating Keepsakes january 2008 issue. i don't usually use idea books, but i loved the background graphics and went from there.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

paper cake

cake pedestal with scrapbooking embellishments
scrapbooking embellishments
wrapped gift
i thought about titling this post "if you can't beat them, join them" but that just seemed wrong ;) my littlest is the perfect candidate for full time KG. he has it three days a week, but on those other ones he is itching to stay as busy as the structured academic ones. it's driving me crazy (and i'm even the playdoh, painting, gluing house that my friends bring their kids to craft at so you know things must be dire)things are best handled when i concede that i can't get a thing done on the days he's home that involving thinking. but that's ok. spending the day in the creative relaxing zone is ok too. while he was waterpainting, inspired by evalicious, and armed with loads of new buttons from my secret pal, i worked on building up my embellishment collection. we were even able to use a couple right away when little c received an invitation to a birthday party this upcoming weekend.

this afternoon i have a writing block reserved on the calendar. hopefully the time spent crafting will have paid off.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

we all like to push the boundaries of normal

super heart this article -- etsy's blog has such a stream of work from home inspiration, it's hard not to tell everyone to do it. i love the real life talk of what the day working from home &/or being self-employed is like -- often a bit isolating (you have to make an effort to make social connections that come naturally at the cliched water cooler) -- sometimes what is a dream job starts from harsh inconvenient reality (lemonades out of lemons if you are looking for another truism), & more often than not, the start-out day jobber has a few less pennies to spend than her corporate sister, but it all comes out in the wash.(the living the lifestyle you want kind) if you are thinking of starting a fun side business or following a not yet acted on dream, start reading etsy's article treasures for inspiration.
i am working fast so i can spend a bit of my day with my fabulous cousin stef, who managed to hurt/possibly fracture her foot during step aerobics -- not only cute & 80's inspired but apparently dangerous as well ;) knowing her, she is speed healing as we speak and will be nursing people back to health in the ICU very soon.

pictured is the card i made on my recent crafting getaway with the girls (carson gave it as a get well soon card from him to stef -- complete with a scotch taped in movie rewards card -- minus the rewards but he is sure he is giving her quite a generous gift ;) (such a cute design -- scraplifted it from my friend christine t whose version was beautifully papered -- mine is a recycling phenom -- inked cardboard ribbon spool ends cut in half for the hills, and sporting the metal piece of plug that broke off my favorite vacuum the other day at the top left, i kid u not. you should not be surprised at the lengths i will go to go recycle)
so back to writing stories now, distributing happiness via 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. and trying not to think about my middle schooler's plans for his project due tommorow. (obviously getting some mommy damper tweaking) read his list and you will understand

Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday PM before monday AM, totally normal, but feels profound

i am looking forward to my AM writing session tommorow. tucking the kids in late (we let the littlest guy crash and have an ill-timed near dinner nap so you know he will be hanging out with us too much tonight ;) in the middle of my fave read on the go "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. signing off, trying to pace myself on the dark chocolate. on my mind -- my cousin Stephanie's b-day (hand stitched card -- sequin ribbon bow and chiffon flower i made for her -- i can't seem to stop using needle and thread on my crafts) and my friend since babyhood, Chris' new gorgeous baby.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

one bad thing

the only negative thing about thrift shopping as opposed to traditional retail is non-buyer's remorse. there can be no such thing as window shopping unless your goal is to be inspired or exercise self-restraint. so my story of missed upholstry opportunities begins...
on a day nearly a month ago, i was overlimit already by the armload measuring system when i saw the most fabulous fabric that was very jane churchill (identical to the ad i had up in the kitchen but in a black and white that would have perfectly matched my dining room) but i decided to think about it. i don't know why now. and it landed up disappointing me. i went today to check if it was still there, but it turns out it's at some saavier shopper's house. i almost bought a black pinstriped replacement fabric to try and make it up to myself, but i'm sure the perfect thing is still out there so i decided to walk out empty handed. (plus d would have got really cranky if i would start pulling apart our dining room chairs while the floor was still unfinished -- only worth incurring that wrath if i find the perfect jane churchill fabric ;)
local scrapbooking garage sale made my shopping day better -- i tried not to run to debby visser's table to stock up. had fun. felt like i bought a scrapbook subscription (at a trillionth of the cost). maybe she should offer such a thing, hey debby? ;)

came home and fueled the boys and i up with melted cheese sandwiches (extra aged white canadian cheddar redeems even leftover hotdog buns ;) the boys are using up the cheese energy on their WWE reinactments so i might get in some creative time yet today.

Monday, February 08, 2010

arranging letters both wood and ink

a good mix between the things i have to do and the things i want to do today (that does mean the things i have to do list is not going as fast as it could and this alternating will likely last into the night) but that's ok, when you're sprinkling the list with things you love.
got a big ole stack of craft magazines from elizabeth this morning (love those reading delivery surprises) so if you drop by in the next day or two to say hi (i'll like you even more if you bring coffee ;) i'll probably have a stack of read ones for you.
prose notes are staring at me from the desktop, and i have a few rooms that need scrubbing before my kindergartener's afterschool playdate hosting so if you'll excuse me...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

could you do it? read and find out
i love this article on not shopping for a year. i'm not saying that's my resolution, (my 12x12 paper collection itself will put me over the limit) but it's a good reminder. one of the people quoted in the article said that by not recreational shopping, they simply did more living. i've found that to be true. experiences and do it yourself and repurposing & swapping items will trump most store meandering on the happiness chart.

the boys and i took in the alvin & the chipmunks movie today with friends. sweet show. my favorite part was that it captured the brother ♥ between the three chipmunks. post movie was a speedy paper route, spagetti fixing, family time. D earned himself a gazillion brownie points by playing a long game of monopoly city with the boys -- heroic considering the rule bending 5 year old was there the whole time -- while i took over the kitchen and did some crafting.

i ran some plot lines past socially hostage held party guests on new year's eve with the same reaction every time so am excited to finish up short story #1 on monday. i am all about celebrations and am seriously as bad as retail stores in the rushing of the seasons (i am the wierdo who buys eggnog & mandarin oranges in october) so it only makes sense that i am valentine's day dinner party planning (annual dinner for 10) & that i picked up max and ruby valentine's for my kindergartner today (because he has inherited my weirdness, he is already filling them out ;)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wrapping up the year's end

yup. writing in the morning does feel better than a bit of extra sleep. a teeny nap later might be the indulgent solution to both, i'm thinking. loving this new facebook app that creates a collage of your status lines. i've previously copied and pasted mine into word thinking sometime i would scrapbook them, but (i didn't) and it's even easier to just print out a cute layout of them already done :) off to that short story of the day

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

if there were more than 24 hours in a day i would still hit the snooze button

i ♥ being an artsy fartsy person, but the one drawback seriously has to be the more ideas than time thing. today is no different. got through 1/2 of my writing and craft plans for yesterday and today i've just thought of new things to add to that list. plus i have to reassemble the tree again (good thing we love our cat -- he likes our tree waaaayyy too much -- probably thinks we got him this amazing toy collection ;)

while i was blog hopping this morning, i came across this beautiful little girl who missed her opportunity to go to KG when it became apparent she'd be fighting her brain tumor instead. her parents had this quote to share in their letter (which i can't even type without crying)

"none of this has caught our God off guard"

in the midst of pain the world over, which is overwhelming to think about, it is comforting that He knows we are here (in whatever situation we currently find ourselves in) and that the reason for life here on earth, where tears are plenty, is to help others through situations we have walked through and to share His love in action to bridge where we haven't. look for someone to bless today

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

distribution is starting

the Christmas cards i mean. now to hand out, mail, and drop off and you know i've misplaced my master list a couple of times already ;) looking through last year's Christmas card portraits (CTMH acrylic album above) inspired me to make a cardstock album version (thank you, back cardboard page of 2008's calendar ;) see finished version here for this year. want it to look like this fabulous one. Christmas season here we come. if only i could spend all 23 days in arts and crafts ;) but there is coffee to brew, words to scribe, and kids to wake up.

PS: still plugging away at Walden. turns out Henry would NOT be a fan of facebook ;)