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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 is here!

One more day to chillax before work resumes post holiday. Amazing New Year celebrating with friends in the dust of 2013 and family lunch today at my mom's and now time alone with my laptop to write at home. (switch hitting between two books for an early spring 2014 e-book launch of both)

I keep adding to the tree past Christmas (oversized flowers and trendy tinsel gifts from the post Christmas clearance fairies) so it's still up.

recent adventures in reading reflect how long ahead I like to plan. I'm ok with life taking me off course, I just like to have a plan and a roadmap. fascinating read.
to keep me in the moment, I also read living simply with children. which was a fast and common sense but inspiring read. basically about slowing down and allowing yourself an adult life and allowing the kids to be kids and enjoy a non-pedestal place in the family -- it takes the stress and heightened expectations out of childhood.

adventures in decorating: added a bulletin board element to the reversed picture and made my favorite faux fur coat into a dining room bench throw. (shopping home after window shopping urban barn)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the list maker holidays

we are holidaying, which means more crafts and reading.
my bookmark is currently in this
and i justed finished a fun dash through this one . those swell books always make me want to throw an impromptu dinner party
which i am probably always in danger of doing even without the aid of inspirational resources ;)

of holidays and dinner parties past, the best part always remains the friends that populate them.
even without the trimmings, time spent with them is swell.
it is with that i move into one of my favorite times of year -- celebrating the wonder of Christmas and the glitz and possibilites of another year upcoming

and because under the sequins (another one of those hack a dress into a skirt creations), faux leopard fur, tiara headband, and chandelier earrings (yes, that is my actual new year's garb -- when else can you wear this combo? ;) i am a geeky non fiction devouring, list making girl -- you know i am starting new notebooks to scribe away in.

Monday, November 28, 2011

the avoidance of tinsel and the cutting of potatoes

a weekend of photo ordering: a shutterfly book of memories and Christmas cards and framed works by the talented ADV
and some celebrating (a good friend's 50th birthday -- which incorporated a pig roast -- which suits this sometimes country girl, always omnivore just fine)
some jumping the Christmas gun and putting up the tree and making and eating a gingerbread house already.
hosting some great friends and wrapping the weekend up with a few playdates for the kids and some father son bonding while cooking time. you know i love it.
today is the usual storyline to do list shuffle

Saturday, October 22, 2011

why we fall for comfy fall marketing

latest quick projects. a canvas inspired by things spotted on my recent trip to granville st with heidi. -- because it's for a kid space. it's brighter and less polished than the original. but i love the motto. and because i cut up an ill fitting tee to make it wear worthy, i was left with fabric strips to bracelet up (it looks super cool next to chunky bling)

the middlest has the best comfy slippers in the house
a week where writing was done everywhere from the car to scraps of papers tucked in novels. anything but something regular.
the fall has been like that. some day job and parent volunteering at the kids' school, the middle schooler's rehearsals for his youth group's upcoming play, the middlest and little c keeping busy with their friends swapping one friend for another until i am sure they are seeing each other more than their blood relatives. it's been steady and not a day has been like another.
d and i have been homebodies when we can for most of the month. until last night when we got together with friends and apparently had a lot of catching up to do. i still didn't regret the 4 hrs 10 min sleep (i count it because i'm thrilled i at least logged that) even when i had signed up immediately following to take the kids to free family movie day at the local cinema (those 3D glasses make for some good sleeping anyways)
the rest of the saturday is chugging on as per usual -- birthday boy middlest celebrating with friends. me logging some organizing and laundry folding time around their noise. waiting for d to come home so we can be tired together and hang out in our pjs.
i want to be rested to properly enjoy rest know a stack of reads is waiting

Thursday, September 08, 2011

excuse me while i jump up and down in celebration

i never get sick of this wake-up bedroomscape

the boys finally captured two days into the routine

it turns out staples is right
this is the most wonderful time of the year ;)
we have found our rhythm as a family this september.

of course, it could be the end of the summer where everyone starts feeling on top of one another and antsy for change.

that is making this seem smoother flowing.

not to mention, i keep checking if it's ok to be this relaxed while doing errands, not having to break head locks mid transaction or anything.

i spy writing time

and it excites me

one of my latest thrift store jaunts (have to keep the online store stocked, you know...) found this adorable hostess apron which matches so well with my clearance rack cardi that i am tempted to wear them together for the everyday (maybe good foodie stories would result? ;)

and while taking in the lives of the queens and kings of england with history enthusiast d, i have been working on this kitschy little kitchen art (i'm working on a more polished version to give my friend jen, of fellow food and drink enthusiasm, for her beautiful housebuild in progress)

Friday, July 22, 2011

a variety of things from a variety of sources

the garden is growing, so are the weeds (i go out and pull a few every day so i don't feel bad about them. i'm not a weed killer kind of girl but the world is definitely prettier without them)

little c is at a sleepover at his grandma's with the middlest (before that he was drawing pictures of his much loved new sock monkey) they're there because today i am the mother of a 14 year old (i wrapped the presents last night before crawling into bed and all i found was some previously sketched on lined paper -- it turned out like i might want to recreate from time to time -- the best kind of recycling is also easier than new consumption) he and his friends are attempting their annual all nighter. you think i would be writing right now, but i'm reading stacks of magazines instead.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

upcycling for new year's

you know i like eco-recycling things and cheap things and fun things (which explains my browsing addiction to the shabby nest and the like)
and this project was all that
conceptualized this fall after i saw something fun and bright blue shiny at le chateau
and wanted some of that
this was a fun fresh take with money left over to ring the new year in with

steps for the interested:

1. take a bright satin thrift store bridesmaid dress (v waist, hideous bows on sleeves perfect)
2. rip the seams apart from bodice to skirt with a seam ripper
3. lay the material flat, folding it in half or more, depending on size (it is now insta-lined)
4. step into it, pinning yourself into it up the left side if you're right handed (conversely, up the right side if you're left handed)
5. step out, repin along the same line turning the seams inward
6. flip sheath inside out to sew (hand stitching is your best bet unless you are a machine whiz -- satin is tricky to work with tension wise)
7. along the top, flip raw edge out, leaving enough room to work an elastic through, sew
8. pull a thick elastic through making sure it lies flat, knot at desired fit (try on)
9. stitch top shut, attach accessories pulled off original gown (bows, bling, etc) if you don't have any, disassemble a dollar store flower hair accessory in a complementary color and sew it on
10. try dress on, pinning and sewing darts where needed for fit
it is the most comfortable thing to wear if a little crease prone. ;) definitely plan to do this project again. black or champagne satin would be perfect.
happy new year 2011!
definitely a year of more fun with friends and craft projects ahead
writing will be scattered between family celebration today

handmade projects

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

short story dogpile

there are times that stories come out slow. and there are times that they pile on top of each other, wrapping up one after another. it's one of those times right now.

i think the thing i like best about short stories is that they give me a chance over and over again to write that last wrap-up story sentence the one that takes the reader by surprise or leaves them wanting more. The short story is like leaving your friends at a party at the height of its fun before the messy house, mascara smudged, yawning end. In your memory, it ends at its glossiest and that's what it's remembered for.

(A long delicious novel is conversely like that party that goes on and on and turns into early morning coffee and conversation between good friends. that's good too. and so 2011 by the looks of my writing deadlines.)

the seasonal decorating is in full swing, party bling acquired, cookie making ongoing. i'm already looking forward to the kids' Christmas concerts, annual parade within walking distance, and of course, more cookies.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

m as suzy homemaker

i'm blaming my domestic friend jen for the gardening and cooking frenzy that has been going on.
she dropped by yesterday to exchange dishes post weekend dinner party and made noise about going home to do something in her garden. i didn't catch the specifics, probably because it made me feel a guilty daydream about my little garden that's been just this side of neglected all summer.

so today was about fixing that and getting out all the remaining butter lettuce and partnered with 8am made irish soda bread that also went to work with d (who has long been victim of my bread making experiments) made a super delish lunch for all the child yard labourers who kept me company. (i may have said there wouldn't be enough room for a trampoline with the amount of weeds in the back as incentive)
then i went to open one of her fabulous home mags and what did i find but food52 which may be the inspirational source of a thousand dinner parties. love it!
i'm off to fold laundry and write some gardening stories. i may have to do it standing up because little c has a radar for when i am not giving him my full attention. ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

closet AARPer runs fast through her summer

I have to stop watching those reality health shows where women get pregnant after long infertility or in spite of tubals and go on to have an undetected pregnancy that ends well. over the last few weeks, each boy has said something to the effect of "wouldn't it be cool if you got pregnant?"
which is weird because under our inappropriate humor filled house, late nights out dancing up a storm, my fondness for adorable summer miniskirts, and our mutual love for junk food -- d and i are just a couple of wannabe senior citizens. i know i weirded out my friend cindy w when i told her i no longer think about having more of my own babies and now picture the day i have grandbabies, my girlfriends laughed when i said i had the hairdo for my 70s all picked out -- this one (but with my dark hair under and the white i am sure to have accumulated on top) and we keep to ourselves our fantasies about retirement living (a rancher or lake house with timber frame details and a huge library with rolling library ladders perhaps blended into a master suite where we can lay around reading book after book)
little c has been reading for a while now -- the simple large print type, but lately he is picking up chapter books at home and assigning them out of the library and then laying around reading them. (comprehension is debatable, but he is sticking to his story that he can with admirable skill -- holding the pages free of pictures for lengthy periods of time -- maybe he is picking out all the ands and trees and thes he knows? ;)
i've been letting summer fly by and taking less pictures than truly document all the goings on. i better either live less in the moment and more behind the lens or super power up my visual memory.
after the boys' combined b-day whirlwind (six year old park party followed up two days later by a barbeque at my parents' for both, and then 4 days later a 13 year old overnighter {which due to its all-nighterness caused him to sleep 18 hours in a row the day after & his friend to fall asleep on the toilet when back home at his house}, and then 1 day after that a pool party at d's fabulously accomodating pool owning aunt for both boys again -- i am feeling less whirlish and am now looking forward to more house-fixing up and then because we are crazy, packing the kids and my sister and i into the mini mini van for a 12 hour roadtrip, three days at this whirlwind of a different kind, and then the 12 hours back. wish us luck. roadtrip survival tips (not including the in car dvd player which goes against my sensibilities) welcome :)
maybe i can write a few words on my sister's driving shifts?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

from dirt to art, that's what my weekends are made of

d is heading home today from that fishing trip of his and i officially missed him. he upped his chances of that by leaving a note for me to find after he was off (even if it was equal parts romance and weirdo comedy ;) i'm saving all of those letters from the first flowers i received from him on and our grandchildren will be shaking their heads at a few i'm sure. ;)
jen, fellow fishing widow, and i hit her friend cheryl's art show last night where sold dots were being flung against investment pieces all fast paced like. fun to be around (it didn't hurt that the guy with all the missing teeth who no one knew crashed the show -- someone thought he had been hired, but no, life is often way stranger than fiction) he might contribute to my storylines
because even tho jen is definitely the girl with all the coolest shirts and shoes from robson street (we do not have that in common ;) she is also a gardening geek like me and so she came with green gifts -- ♥d her packaging idea. (she also brought organic greens and eggs because she read about how poorly i was feeding the kids in d's absence and didn't want him to have to come home to rickets and scurvey rampant in his offspring)
my containers are ready for gardening in. (worked in the backyard with the kids post marmaduke matinee yesterday) our old house dirt is the best -- previous inhabiters were prone to burying garbage so often turning soil feels like an archeological dig. (and it doesn't hurt when you uncover shabby mementos for interieur de la maison)
sunday = reading recharge up day. enjoy yours

Sunday, April 04, 2010

sweet Easter Sunday

dishesif there was ever a day to feel blissful, it is Easter Sunday, the most assuring of all holidays. add getting through the service with the littlest & watching him and his middle brother in their sunday school performance, opening my giftie from my secret pal (chocolates and scrapbooking goodies -- loved it :) spending time with d and the boys all day, then hosting family for an egg hunt in the park and a ham dinner afterward, eating too many of my sister's delivered cupcakes, and then changing into the only clothes that fit after all that (pjs, of course) of to read and to live in this beautiful Sunday bubble. the unpleasant can wait til tommorow, or maybe even tuesday. even the stack of washed plates on my harvest table is contributing to the happy. (thanks mom v)
happy Easter everyone.
tommorow is a holiday but you know i'll be typing anyways.

Friday, March 26, 2010

i might be the least impressive person i know, but i have a lot of fabulous friends so that's ok ;)

well, someone took me up on my offer to come see the non-company ready house. ha ha. great chit chat with aletta.

today also saw some mini stints of scribing and the easter bag prep (13 altogether for my kiddies and their cousins)
i tried to pop over at my friend cindy's house (and it worked, but her house was fabulously glossy and she had cake ready to serve -- i had some for lunch to make me feel better about the state of the housekeeping)
now i am waiting for the middleschooler's youth group to stop by for dessert -- i have "pick your poison" chocolate cake (edible flowers, cinnamon, chili powder, and caramel topping options ;) and raspberry gingerale and crystal on standby.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

it's 4:11am and i should be finishing up my short story, but i'm reading blogs (and adding secure pipe cleaner purchase to my to do list). good thing too, because i found these cute rings over at the whispering creek house. i've seen a similar idea featured on martha, but these might be even cuter. and perfect for the top of my sock cupcakes party favors (idea pictured at for my splurge girls (yeah, it's not my turn to host yet, but i like to plan ahead) i won't tell you the party ideas (ok, and supplies ;) we are collecting for the b-days in july already.
after that distraction
maybe a bit more sleep and then that story finished