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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Important things In Focus

 resolutions so far this year: prioritize and let the little things go. not just in terms of scheduling, but in my relationships as well.

above is a typical example of what happens when d cooks -- something delicious and heavy on the meat side
 I'm still holding on to Christmas a bit. Have my tree up and have Christmas playlists still going. weird I know.
 am noticing how big the kids have gotten when I look at these cute pics of their younger years (which feels like a second ago)

 some love for the master bedroom
what can I say? I like groups of 3 ;)
writing is chugging along. wish I could tell you more, but I love surprises.

Monday, December 23, 2013

more seasonal captures

we did a little pre-Christmas celebrating with our out of town friends who came over for turkey dinner and board games and homemade wine last night and stayed over with the family for an eggs benny en masse this morning. super fun. (and my first ever turkey turned out well so that was a relief)

I have more family portraits up in the kitchen -- my favorite spot for them (and not only because it's one of the biggest rooms in the house). feeling seasonally touched by family time, advent celebrating, and reminiscing over Christmases past (love the framed nativity sketch that's about a decade old), and the accumulation of Christmas cards in the mailbox.

wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas -- embrace the perfect little moments and brush off the things that go awry.

Sunday, December 01, 2013

advent reads in newsprint

advent goodies to open has always been a tradition at our house. (see here  and) here the two oldest informed me mid last year that they were done with the doo dads to open every day in dec (i suppose it makes sense -- they are 13 and 16 ;) but it was a mental adjustment for me.

once i got over the ok, they're growing up, i decided to rework little c's advent tradition, inspired by this blogger and her wisdom on simple celebrating. I decided to pick up a book for each day for him to open and for us to read together at night. so it wasn't a crazy expense, I thrifted 23 picture books (which ranged from 25 cents to 1.00) from the local thrift store looking for classic goodies. I glued small rectangles of kraft paper over the previous owners' names and wrapped them in the kraft paper I had on hand (and when that ran out -- in the cardboard liner of other wrapping rolls, scrap art paper, and finally flyers out of my recycling) It made a cute stack and he is thrilled about the tradition. Thank goodness someone is still 9 :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the stacks

beside the stack of reads beside my bed, i am in love with the other stacks: sandwiches ready to enter lunchbags in the morning, the laundry that spends its days in the dining room waiting to be put away, dishes that breed whenever I am not looking. it is only when you look at them closely as the opportunity they are to love on your family in the little things that they resemble beauty -- too easily they are another round of the same dance for the trillionth time. 
currently reading "orphans at home". you know i made the kids do the cheesy quiz "relationship inventory: a survey of feelings about your dad and mom". very insightful experience. well, except for the high schooler who clued in fast and gave everyone 10s across the board to avoid entering into the dialogue ;)

 ♥ this adorable mirror -- plastic goodness from dollarama.
another day, another to do list. my sister swears that as soon as time changes, i will feel like i have more hours at my disposal. i'm counting on it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cardboard furniture at a juggler's house

this month (the one i thought would be relaxing after crazy january) has been flying by. i attribute staying sane while throwing too many balls in the air at once to my die-hard runner neighbor Gwen who is at my house every morning at 5:55am to get me doing 5+K and my boys (dinner credit yesterday went to d and lunch box cookie baking credit went to the middlest) who make sure i am not the only one ensuring everyone gets fed.
i am itching to do some scrapbooking asap. capturing memories with my 99$special camera still makes me smile. recent captures -- little c's cardboard fridge and the middleschooler's basketball tournament.

today 15 years ago our wedding party took us through the BK drive thru before we hit the aisle. some people were swilling champagne, but the bride was drinking a little 7-11 carton of milk (you're welcome, middle-schooler) to celebrate we took in an action flick at the theatre, stuffing ourselves with clodhoppers and bringing home leftover popcorn for little c's bedtime snack. it's a quiet little wednesday night, but that's how we like it. i am one of those people who fight their inflated romantic expectations, but thankfully have been married long enough to know probably 3 and a half days from now, I will be watching tv with d and will look over and see him looking at me that way and know that it's only in the movies that the day of celebration and that look occur at the same moment. for the rest of us, they're scattered about like gems to be stumbled upon.

the novel is calling, but not very loudly.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the list maker holidays

we are holidaying, which means more crafts and reading.
my bookmark is currently in this
and i justed finished a fun dash through this one . those swell books always make me want to throw an impromptu dinner party
which i am probably always in danger of doing even without the aid of inspirational resources ;)

of holidays and dinner parties past, the best part always remains the friends that populate them.
even without the trimmings, time spent with them is swell.
it is with that i move into one of my favorite times of year -- celebrating the wonder of Christmas and the glitz and possibilites of another year upcoming

and because under the sequins (another one of those hack a dress into a skirt creations), faux leopard fur, tiara headband, and chandelier earrings (yes, that is my actual new year's garb -- when else can you wear this combo? ;) i am a geeky non fiction devouring, list making girl -- you know i am starting new notebooks to scribe away in.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

focusing on the blessings that fit into surprisingly small frames

i was in church this morning.

singing a song so familar it is easy to sing on automatic pilot

when i remembered it was a favorite of my mother's.

during long sit still services, as a little kid, i played with her rings and rubbed the tips of her shaped fingernails non-stop.

which as a mom, i think of and give her kudos for.

i am tempted to do silent "talk to the hand" when trying to do the everyone sit still, every sunday ;) in fact i'm sure i have.

once they run off to sunday school and i celebrate surviving with coffee, i have a little more breathing room to enjoy them. (similar to watching them sleep, and wearing my favorite bracelet, and scrapbooking memories with them -- all the sweet smiles minus the naughty bits) it's probably why parents grow up and become grandparents and only remember

the sweetness and successful bits. ;)

it was a weekend punctuated heavily with playdates.

the shuffle of trading one kid for another meant the number in the house wasn't down, but the entertaining sure was.

so a few more pages got read, plans got made, coffee was had.

tommorow is a early wake up call for the day job

but the writing notebook is standing near by.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

jump drives are the new diamonds

anniversary dinner was wonderful in a cup runneth over with the family i love way (kid friendly decor + 3 loud boys + d&i + dinner delivered by my parents who love on us lots on anniversaries in the way of food) not terribly romantic unless you count d&i rolling our eyes at each other re: the boys' antics. ;) at least we think the same.

romantic to a writer girl though is the fetching of a new jump drive for her novel in progress. d has it covered.

i love how when tidying up the boys' rooms yesterday (i swore i never would because d's mom would get fed up with his mess and do his and so he still is a clothes dropper -- not that i can talk ;) but now that i'm a fed up mom, i know why she did it, and so do i. (d has inherited his spontaneous dinner making from his dad so hopefully the boys will take it another generation and that will similarly save their wives from getting mad about dropped socks) that i come across more novels in progress. they remind me of all the stories i used to hoard in my orange duotang when i was little. also making me smile is the hockey stick up high in the middlest's room (d's from an era bygone that still gets a workout whenever middlest needs it) and the amazing bit of sky as viewed from my laundry room.

i'm still typing out those handwritten scenes. you think i would learn to not let them accumulate.
i had no idea one could pick out lego colors in bulk until i read stacey's post. now you know i want to go visit my friends and family in calgary even more and stop here our collection is such a multi-themed thing it's nearly impossible to just build something bright and basic.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

it has a cheesy cover and some two year scribbled in it, but it's one of my favorite books

my gratitude journal has been a part of me for so long i had forgot how i even started it.

then today i opened it to write a pageful (that's the rule about the gratitude journal -- you have to write a full page when you start one) and i saw that my friend corrine had started me on it way back when over 11 years ago.

that made me wish i had a "suggested by" tag on every good idea i have in my life. you have no idea how grateful i am to corinne for bringing the concept into my life.
start one and see yourself. it's a life changer.
to combat discontentment or stress, commit to doing it 30 days in a row. no repeats. you think you won't be able to, but you will. no matter who or where you are.

the beauty of the journal is that the more you look for things to be grateful for (you have lines to fill, you know ;) the more things you will see

and as you get practiced at giving thanks in whatever circumstance or day you find yourself in, the better you will get -- seeing a whole 'nother layer of the world most people are walking around missing.

reading through from the beginning is the best. oftentimes it is the hardest days that we most need the reminder of journalling the good stuff. so when i look at my book-ful of mountains of multi-sized blessings i can vividly remember the stress of the day, even though it all worked together for good in the big life picture. that's how tommorow and the next and the next will go too no matter what's happening. (more thoughts on teaching gratitude to the next generation here)

it's an activity affirmation of one of my favorite quotes up in the kitchen that reads like this

"the crisis of the day will change, but the big picture will not"

i'm off to do the mindless tasks that seem to breed ideas like rabbits. and then i'm going to write them down.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the good life, kids in tow

a girl whose blog i love reading did her last post about life before kids i loved it
and it got me thinking
because for us, three loud boys in tow, there is nothing to mourn.
our life before kids (unless you count our teenagehoods) was a whole five months long
i was four months to the day pregnant behind my white rose bouquet. and those five remaining months were less filled with swanky dinners and world travel than they were with barbeque chips and 1 tv channel in my maternity duds in our single wide trailer. (this sounds like it might be the kind of cliche a writer throws around for the fun of it, but it's a true story ;)

so we started the life we wanted then.
our annual valentine's dinner party started out as dinner for ten already with the furniture moved along the living room wall and a rented table thrown down the middle and covered with paper with quotes scribed on. it was eight courses with century sam cigars (99cent kind one can source at 7-11) and baby canadian champagne at the end, and a two year old on my knee right into the salad course i notice our baby two children later is also at our eating sides in this year's pictures so some things don't change ;) but it was glamourous to us.

to this day, we are more about wine and takeout in front of a movie at home (the picture is documentation of this last weekend -- you know i was stitching beads onto clothing for fun and an action movie was playing) between those dinners i love planning. but it feels like the good life to us. and you know we are planning our senior years with wild abandon
today is a writing 9-5er (not literally because you know the kids are going to throw a wrench into output when they come home) but it sounds better that way. will let you know what results.
to add a smile to your day read this girl's real life post.

Friday, December 10, 2010

just like old times

i hit starbucks with one of my long lost bridesmaids last night. (remember, it's been forever since that winter day i wore my wedding dress and a fur trimmed rental wrap my mother was not a fan of) this picture looks a little child bride to me now, but at the time i thought i was more of a grown-up than i do now ;)
the coffee took me back to then, how right up to the wedding she was in india, sending me postcards of how she might not come back because she was having such a great time (mild panic) and our coffees then -- just as loud as the one we had last night.
love when you get together after a decade and a half and there's just instant laughter instead of awkward pauses.

mini bits of writing on the weekend horizon, but most of it is going to have to wait until the spaces it's reserved on the calendar next week.