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Monday, April 13, 2015

My Newest Book and a Plan for You to Write Yours This Year

 Celebrating the completion of another after-the-work-day-online-course with some $7 walmart spring bling. Now armed with the skills to make some writing coach videos, you know they are coming.
 Thanks to my online fitness coach and this little bit of technology tattling on me whenever I pull couch potato days, this last week was the first one I averaged 10,000 steps a day. (which is a big deal to me when you factor in the fact that I commute and desk jockey for 8 hours a day)
Behold, fall 2015's new release. This book has been rattling around in my head for some time as I talk to women managing modern life and read up widely on the subject.

A new promotion for those trying to fit writing into the after-work day and weekend corners of their lives, there is a new free monthly coaching service to help you. Email to sign up for the monthly newsletter full of the tips and tricks you need to know. As a bonus, sign up this week (April 13 - April 18, 2015) and receive Stories Your Mother Never Told You absolutely free.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

everyone in charge of their own whirlwind


i am convinced that a true measure of love is hearing d lead little c away from my room with a "leave mom alone, she's having a nap." while i am laying in bed reading in the middle of the afternoon.

it reminded me of this.

and made me tres petit sentimental.

it's not my traditional writing day so i am tucking away the storylines that come to me for tommorow. for now i am wandering around in a messy house looking for the next thing to read.


the middlest is not aware of the irony of his room. he doesn't have time to look into it, having moved on from this am's paper knife making to sewing a cape in the living room to making homemade donuts. and yes, leaving a messy little trail behind himself. lucky for him, i am too wrapped up in reading, writing, and kitchen wreath making to care. it'll catch up with us later

Monday, July 25, 2011

summer monday

summer continues to run by.

d and i insist on having wine and cheese nights at home even if we are surrounded by laundry.

little c is still gradually moving the contents of the house into his room so it looks like a cool apartment (when i tucked him in last night he had set up a cash register nightstand and a fully stocked wine glass bookshelf. this reminds me of when he did the foreshadowing upon my grandmother gifting me with some of her beautiful old crystal -- little c: "thanks, grandma. we broke a lot of our old ones" i would have taken pictures but the place was closed ;)

the middlest is still making things -- guns with sliding safetys out of discarded pizza boxes and the like and if you thought i was lenient with the crafting -- on sunday afternoon i awoke from my nap to find him taking apart two computers "dad said it was ok"

i'm further relaxing the to-do list into a set of must do priorities and then leaving the rest

boy 1 and boy 2 are taking over the family shedule with their early morning berry picking employment so i'm predicting stories written in the afternoon

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

there are some things even all nighter cheeseburger chips can't Rx

the stitched family picture is done. finished it up watching "the corporation" with d. (accompanied by a little shiraz and too many all-nighter cheeseburger chips -- my food achilles heel) loved it. (the insights and info, not the horrible goings on)

if you want to make one of your own family, find the tutorial here. warning: it may not make you cuter than you are in real life. love how i look like a cruella de ville type and the entire family looks like they've undergone lip injections at a reduced group discount. ;) but i also find it funky and different and had a fairly realistic expectation of my stitching as art skills before i started out and was ok with them.

i'm off to wake the kiddos up. it's going to be a writing-heavy day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

let the chocolate clearance begin

after the decrescendo that is the day after valentine's day (the annual occasion of the overinflated expectation ;) you know chocolate everywhere will be on sale. (which is a matter of rejoicing in itself ;) D and my holiday revolves less around something to unwrap and more around romance and good food. so how brilliant that it lined up with our all day date monday. and even better that we have more D & M celebrating next week.

while the corner of the dining room that holds our beach memories is making me crave a longer day. (my FIL was telling me yesterday by what proportion each day gets longer this time of year but i already can't remember the number because i was so busy being distracted by that's not enough! ) i am loving the things that are this time of year -- lovey notes to add to the kitchen inspiration board, little c wrote every member of our family a valentine but forgot his class cards in his back pack -- i'm not sure what the aversion was to handing them out. i warned him that if he did not (as he said he was not going to) that he might not get any himself. he said don't be silly. they give you them anyways. and he was right ;)

my beautiful posies from my secret pal (at church us girls do a secret santa-ish program all year which is a clever motivation for getting out of bed early on sunday mornings when your bed is a tempting alternative to get there so your presents don't die on top of the church mailboxes. ;)

and if you like me failed to make the valentine's cookies you promised your kids yesterday you could whip up some heart shaped jiffy toast goodness this morning and hope they forget until the discount chocolate materializes.
some writing and craft-time on the horizon today. i am surrounded by folded laundry piles which never fail to say good job to me (and thereby aleviate any other housework guilt) you know i'm going to leave them where they lie until something big happens in today's scenes.