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Monday, April 13, 2015

My Newest Book and a Plan for You to Write Yours This Year

 Celebrating the completion of another after-the-work-day-online-course with some $7 walmart spring bling. Now armed with the skills to make some writing coach videos, you know they are coming.
 Thanks to my online fitness coach and this little bit of technology tattling on me whenever I pull couch potato days, this last week was the first one I averaged 10,000 steps a day. (which is a big deal to me when you factor in the fact that I commute and desk jockey for 8 hours a day)
Behold, fall 2015's new release. This book has been rattling around in my head for some time as I talk to women managing modern life and read up widely on the subject.

A new promotion for those trying to fit writing into the after-work day and weekend corners of their lives, there is a new free monthly coaching service to help you. Email to sign up for the monthly newsletter full of the tips and tricks you need to know. As a bonus, sign up this week (April 13 - April 18, 2015) and receive Stories Your Mother Never Told You absolutely free.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some Words if you want to Sneak in a Writer's Retreat in Every Month Without Your Family Noticing

 I like to leave notes for myself. At my house if it's on a wall, it's either one of two things: a photograph or some words. Here are some of my favorites. ABOVE: the best to-do list
 ABOVE: my about to be graduated high schooler's grade 1 lines for being noisy at lunch ;) The rowdiness I worried about then is a smile-at-the-memory now.
 ABOVE: spread the love, joy, peace, perseverance...
 ABOVE: my little sister brought this back from Ireland for me. It's among my favorite reminders.
ABOVE: this is as true to me today as it was when the boys were little: "Don't wait to make your son a great man. Make him a great boy" Investing love and answering the "why" questions intentionally when you think they're too little for it to make a difference and you will see the results when you've forgotten about the exhausting effort.

The beauty thing about being a writer is that you can string together your own words for others to be inspired by. If this is your leaning, you are in luck. GIVEAWAY for my blog readers: 1 year subscription to the everyday writing coach newsletter (like a writer's retreat in your inbox every month) email with 1YEARFREE in the subject line. You can ask your writing questions as well. New FAQs will be featured every month.

Monday, June 23, 2014

rooms of sadness and other things i study

read and loved this book. it was about the kind of darkness you have to read through fast so it doesn't sit too long on your soul, but half way through the book, it took a turn and the heaviness lifted and as a mother of boys, the relationship between mother and son really resonated with me.

currently studying some really interesting material and making notes for what may be the next novel.
if you need a writing prompt click here.
if you want to win $100 to spend on good eats click here

Monday, September 06, 2010

thrifty chicks unite - a giveaway

i have long been a fan of gail on til debt do us part. she is brutal but funny and committed to getting families ahead.

and i love looking for ways to live like a cheap chick to up overall quality of living with funds to share with worthy causes besides.

in this vein, i am committed to 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. on FB (my near year old venture with this cute girl) -- helping families hit their budgets with the click of a mouse, and studying all the smart ideas shared every frugal friday on the shabby nest. (often repurposing items you already have to make something you would otherwise save up for or slap down on a card -- it's addictive)

i often check out threads on saving and am constantly delighted with the ideas being as varied as the people that give them (different sensibilities, life stages, and abilities) the idea is to expose yourself to as many as possible, use what works for you, and come out ahead.

chances are, you have some of your own that you would share if someone would just ask. i am prepared to bribe you to share them. ;)

comment with your top 1-5 ideas (on anything from birthday parties to dinnertime to date night to holidaying to wardrobe accruing) to be entered into the drawing for these adorable 2 thrifty chicks shopping co vintage goodies. winner will be selected randomly on friday morning the 10th and the winner can look forward to something besides bills in the mail. bonus entry for blogging or facebook status-ing about this giveaway. submit an extra comment to let me know you did :)
info gathered to be used for future info post (minus source identifiers).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

tis the season

during d's action movie last night i wandered away after losing the feigning interest battle (you remember when i interrupted family movie night to rearrange the mantel) and sent away for coupons and googled free samples (one of those times i am glad i don't have an activity hour counter on my computer)

next time i sit down to do the same, i am adding giveaway scout to the mix. you saavier girls probably already know this, but there is a faster way to look for fabulous freebies and the scout is it.

let me know what you find.

you know how the night before Christmas, the stockings are hung on the chimney with care? well in the weeks leading up to back to school we have crowded the front entrance with the backpacks loaded with care. (think similar spirit of anticipation -- it might be mine)

now i'm going to go have a coffee so i am not rearranging them all eagerly again ;)

dinner out with the girls tonight for my b-day. some of the anticipation might be due to that come to think of it. (i get to wear my back to school clothes thanks to my MIL who spoils me with shopping goodness every year in celebration of my aging)

i'm thinking this end bit of summer might be a collecting of ideas time (i am finding them all over the house in my clean-up) and the time for putting them all into something fabulous might be the second, more productive week of september.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

and here we are

fab night with my sisters watching girlie movies back to back and now i am up to blog and read in the middle of the night. (could have been the caffeine or the sugar ;) my counter redo is on the go (no, i am not crazy enough to do that at this hour) it's looking great, but not the speedy project i pictured (from my place of denial)

while i am trying not to panic at the thought of unusable counter tops for the next week or so (still denial, i know ;), i am planning my backyard space again -- post great afternoon tea with my friend jen the other day (who shares my desperately uncool love for gardening and food & wine mags), i am all pysched to do my gardening a la containers this year (think big oversized baskets -- hopefully will be all accomplished and picture ready soon) so i can sit and sketch stories instead

so you know i am all over this giveaway. couldn't we all use some of these?
another picture for his coffee table book. our sheltered indoor cat thinks the good life is sitting in the window hoping for a little breeze from the outside world.

Friday, May 07, 2010

get great stuff sent to you

you know when you want to go shopping, but you have to use your money for less exciting things like bills?
well, good news.
you still have a chance to WIN some superiorly scouted stuff. tara (whose blog you should be following anyway for home inspiration and to make you feel guilty because you aren't running) is giving away some fabulous things and has a bunch of ways you can enter. find it here. get an extra entry if you use twitter too like i did here .

it's a work week wrap-up, kids' track meet, paper route, and saturday garage sale prep day here. the new story's inching along, but i'm going to try not to stress because the last one that did that turned out well.

and submitting another as soon as i sign off.
happy friday :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

come on down, anne!

i'm no Bob Barker, but I wish i had a megaphone phone to announce our saturday morning winner of the evils of sugar giveaway is

anne russell
(as randomly selected by my middle boy -- the only one who isn't sleeping in :)
e-mail me and we'll secure delivery details.

saturday morning and i want to sit down and write but i hung out with D too late last night post sushi with the girls -- no early morning writing today -- on to the to do list instead.
coffee with my mom, grandma, & sisters and a bit of holiday puttering to mix in and make it all that much more enjoyable.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

the evils of sugar giveaway

if my mom reads this post, i might be in for a pep talk on the evils of sugar ;) i say yahoo for wakeful sleep because it means i crashed early & slept in til 3:30am and now have all sorts of scribing time. it all started earlier in the week with the bake exchange (hello, almond bars and turtles; good-bye, balanced eating) and then continued with my thrifting acquistion of the year -- the adorable cake pedestal of my dreams (for a quarter!) i kid you not. somehow (because it was waiting for me ;) it got overlooked by shoppers and was in the clearance bin. so now, still delirious from less sleep and more sugar, i am wanting to celebrate by giving away one of my favorite sources of sleep interruption and lack of sleep compensation.
so i'm wondering...
what is your favorite source of sugar?
leave a comment on this post and be entered in to win a $10 starbucks or timmy's gift card. (your choice) random draw (and winner announcement) will be held on saturday morning and the gift card mailed out shortly after that.