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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3 Ways your Writing can Benefit from a Bad Day

Of course we'd all like perfect days in which to do life and in which to fit writing. Because shouldn't one make sure everything is going smoothly before trying to fit in something else? I don't believe so.

We can't control whether all of the conditions are ideal, but we can control how we respond to any conditions we find ourselves in. Responding with creativity is the best way to turn things around. And a bad day often makes the best creative fodder.
Here are the 3 ways your writing can benefit from a bad day:

1. It gives you believable characters.

A bad day makes you able to empathize with your characters. No one's life is perfect and writing about perfect lives is boring. We know what we know, but we also write about people different from ourselves. We need a broad range of experiences to give to these characters to bring them to life in order to resonate with readers. If one of your developing characters now gets put into your bad day situation, you can think through their response to it and work it into the storyline. A believable character is one who faces situations we can see ourselves facing and has human responses to them.

2. It can serve as a good read for someone else.

For your own benefit, writing your bad day onto paper serves to give you some distance. For others, it can be entertainment. Whether you write it humorously or poignantly, it can serve as a good read for someone else (who may well be escaping his or her own bad day) Good for you -- helping your readers out! A great story is one you can sink into. Readers who have this experience will be back for more.

3. Your writing will benefit from a production boost if you use it as a distraction technique.

Sometimes you'll need a break from whatever was going on that made it a bad day. Writing is the perfect fix. Getting into someone else's story is the exact opposite of minding your own business and it's a great break from reality. Your word count will thank you.

Sometimes a little rain is good for your art in a way that nothing else is. Benefit from it and then move on and have a great day tomorrow.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

a man in the kitchen and other dreamy things

receiving magazines from friends, reading them (like any list-making geek, I take notes), and then passing them on to other friends is how I make sure the stacks under my bed don't get any bigger
 little c is a Pictionary superstar. it gets complicated when you are drawing for and against your opponent. and he is a worthy one
 one of his friends has a Christmas time birthday and her favorite color is purple so we hunted down for this stack and wrap. mission accomplished
the beauty of being a list maker and being married to a man who will not get out of the kitchen is that he will use the ingredients for the above to make completely different dishes (that admittedly are better than mine;) I won't complain. while he was training little c to be his soux chef, I was reading.

I've made some strategic writing plans for 2015 but am holding off on their execution so as to get in a bunch of holidaying time.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 is here!

One more day to chillax before work resumes post holiday. Amazing New Year celebrating with friends in the dust of 2013 and family lunch today at my mom's and now time alone with my laptop to write at home. (switch hitting between two books for an early spring 2014 e-book launch of both)

I keep adding to the tree past Christmas (oversized flowers and trendy tinsel gifts from the post Christmas clearance fairies) so it's still up.

recent adventures in reading reflect how long ahead I like to plan. I'm ok with life taking me off course, I just like to have a plan and a roadmap. fascinating read.
to keep me in the moment, I also read living simply with children. which was a fast and common sense but inspiring read. basically about slowing down and allowing yourself an adult life and allowing the kids to be kids and enjoy a non-pedestal place in the family -- it takes the stress and heightened expectations out of childhood.

adventures in decorating: added a bulletin board element to the reversed picture and made my favorite faux fur coat into a dining room bench throw. (shopping home after window shopping urban barn)

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Second sleep, alternative investing, and things that embarrass your kids

 I love how these armchair covers my grandma made makes our chair look all learned.
 who needs blankets when you have invested heavily in stuffies?

I'm getting pretty excited about this writer's weekend my friend Allison and I are hosting next weekend.

In unrelated news, I've definitely experienced second sleep of late. You know -- the crashing after dinner because you let the day run you ragged and then waking up in the middle of the night all finished sleeping for a bit. Some people might see that as a problem, but if you have books you have been meaning to read, it's an opportunity.

During that read about 14 hours ago, I came across a passage I read at least 4 times because it resonated with me (like all the best novels and stand up comedians do) It's from The Memory Keeper's Daughter:

"The three men -- it shocked her that she thought of Paul this way, but he stood shoulder to shoulder with David now, nearly grown and independent, as if his body never had anything to do with hers at all..." (Edwards, 179)

My 16 year old would declare the quote creepy, but it's true for me nonetheless.

Tomorrow's attempting to be my day off -- there's a work meeting and some freelance work, and some civic responsibility interfering, but I plan to pick up my free Starbucks and squeeze in some  chillaxing (read scribing and perhaps thrifting) too

Saturday, June 08, 2013

half a week

stumbled upon this cute little blog post format at "pancakes and fries" and thought i'd have a go at it.


met up with my rosedale splurge girls (not to be confused with Splurge: the Originals with whom I have spent 8 years meeting monthly) The rosedale girls are on the tail end of their first year together and we met over lattes at a local coffee house. We moved huge armchairs into an obnoxiously large circle in the centre of the upstairs and visited away. I always laugh to myself when we throw a big pile of cash on the table and give it to someone -- it must look weird to onlookers (splurge definition: 10-12 women who meet monthly and throw in a predetermined amount -- we do $10 and take turns winning it and spending it on something frivolous)


confession: i have been sitting on an amazing GC I won through the fitness challenge at work (not for stellar achievements, but for participation) it was for a jewelry store and i wasn't sure what to do with it. but after discussion with wednesday's girls (and one of those days where few things go right) i stopped and checked out if there was anything my type. and i found that anything. and love it.


one of my favorite things about finally getting a cell phone (yes, i was that person out-teched by your 4 year old until last year) and i have a dinosaur phone (so i'm still not sure if it counts) but it texts just fine and so is likely to start up a day-long back and forth between d and i (usually planning dinner and its sides) yes, i have simple pleasures. friday night was teriyaki pork chops and veggie wraps (check out chilliwack fresh if you still have not)


started with  having tea on my mother's front step while she levelled her front lawn by hand (that's her version of relaxing -- we are not alike in that way) moved on to taking kid 3 to a birthday party (kid 1 was already at camp) and having tea with one of my sweet cousins (the sister/BF kind) and then taking picking that kid up and taking kids 2 and 3 swimming (another bday party) where you guessed it -- I tea-ed again. tough life i tell you. (the tea-ing means i shove the to-do's into early morning hours when no one else has to be around to witness them -- especially little c who is the antithesis to getting anything work related accomplished (which i suppose is his job ;)


redid an old canvas I had laying around (little c helped) -- I tried to execute a funky version of this pin. I am more talented in my imagination, but I am a big believer in good enough so I hung it in the laundry room and am enjoying it's whimsy and wisdom there.

a couple weeks to go until the day job breaks for summer = long days of writing possibility

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

rain sunshine sandwich

it's back to rain again.
but when it was summeresque to celebrate Victoria Day long weekend
i made all sorts of plans for the coming months.
and picked wildflowers in the field
and got my kids together with their friends
and got D & I together with our friends (a wonderful family bbq with d's college buddy and family -- minus our middlest who was camping with his friend but with little c who dazzled the visiting teenage girls with his endless energy and vocal strength and the high schooler who made like youtube was visiting and they were not ;) a ridiculous amount of eating, multiple rounds of my fave new game (D + I won by a slim margin which i was surprised about given his nature as a man of few words), and a few glasses of red.
and again with our dinner party crew (who 2 years in have tackled nearly every theme dinner out there in style) this one was a curry chicken extravaganza with deck lounging cocktail hour to start and a campfire to end. i am one of the most unimpressive participants in terms of foodieness -- my theory is to let the true stars shine and just play a relaxed supporting role -- my low key contributions were a plate of cut up Chilliwack Fresh and a blinged out curry colored shirt.  
about that rain. its fine for the work week where it acts as a charm for soccer and encouragement to write instead of garden.
 wildflowers make me happy
 looking next door. little c's horse friends live there -- we don't know their names he's taken to calling them lucy and stan ;)
 gumboots pour deux
an intentional bid to teach confidence and gratitude. little c loves it as much as the middlest did when I started it with him when he was the same age. how it works: you write something affirming about the child specific to them and their character and abilities and they write something they are specifically grateful for. no repeats. it's addictive and so much easier than telling them to stop whining. (ok, still have to do that ;) but it's a good way to cap the night off. set a number before you start.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Discovering Purpose over a Platter of the Good Stuff

I've been thinking a lot about purpose. And it keeps coming up. (Ok, part of that is which books I keep buying) But even when I'm having it float around in my subconscious, other people bring it up. Because it's not just me thinking about it. We all are. Like last weekend when I was having a girls night in with my friend Jen (the sort of foodie you'd be lucky to know so that you can expect a charcuterie & cheese plate when you stop by at the last minute), talk floated from fluff (where admittedly it stayed for a long time -- this is weekend decompressing after all ;) to the big stuff like searching out your purpose in life. It makes sense that having purpose (which boils down to finding people to serve and help and seeing this life in terms of big picture living -- ie. most things are not worth sweating. people before things, etc. ) makes you happy. Go ahead -- look around you -- the most positive people have a good sense of this. And the good thing about delving into this during the busy seasons of life means it can be an organic shift in how you live your life and you won't land up in a quieter season feeling like "what was the point of all this?" Because you'll know. And you'll know your place in it.
recommended reading: this, and this and for parents this
I'd love to hear other about other great books on intentionally living. Feel free to share them in the comments.

It's my day off so I am digging into Good Books, hitting at least one thrift store, puttering around the house, and planning this summer's publications (it looks like my collection of short stories and a book on working motherhood will both be hitting e-book format). Happy long weekend to you, fellow Canadians.

having the friends over that inspired this bbq back for more this weekend.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

list me

the holidays are drawing to a close. it's now officially january so you know my list making tendancies are in full swing. not resolutions, but visualizations. i'm a dreamer, not a self-flagellator.
love buying quirky loot for my quirky boys 

my daily entertainment troop 
 my friend heather's reminder to me is on the wall
loved the new year's polaroids at our friends' soiree, now at home with the dining room to do list
 when you've promised the kids roasted marshmellows and are unsuccessful at fire building, you do the next best thing
 i was reading living etc and was inspired. check out the new book storage spot i found. the cat might be jealous.
my boys #2 and #3 helped me be eco about our new calendar acquiring (on the backs of former years of the mom calendar -- of which format i am a huge fan -- i save years' worth as they act as flashback diaries -- i can picture the specific days upon glance back. 2013's edition has charmingly specific art -- january ominiously shows us travelling through snow to work and school -- the almanac feature is a bonus ;)
my heavy duty to do list can be considered accomplished: reading, bon bon eating, finery wearing, homebase puttering, and general socializing and nesting... i enjoyed every minute of it.