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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Economics and the 1920s -- not necessarily in that order

 d and I went to our monthly dinner party club last night where we met with our favorite dining peeps (the ones who don't shy away from a theme and go all out on their turn making dining magic happen) the theme was The Great Gatsby which meant my new haircut had purpose and d looked adorable in a bow tie.
 in my latest stack of library books was the one below -- insightful pretty much self page turning read. no matter what your approach to your relationship, I would bet u would find it speaks to you too. love books written by clever people.

this is my favorite time of year: the tree is on standby, I can't wait to start playing Christmas tunes ,and I've been wrapping stocking stuffers for some time now.

off to tidy up some more house before schlepping the kids back and forth to youth group. I have some time scheduled for plot rearranging this week. will let you know how it goes.
i'm not the only one who's psyched for holiday decorating. check out little c's coordinated lights and balloon chandelier -- I should be putting him in charge of the rest of the house ;)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Discovering Purpose over a Platter of the Good Stuff

I've been thinking a lot about purpose. And it keeps coming up. (Ok, part of that is which books I keep buying) But even when I'm having it float around in my subconscious, other people bring it up. Because it's not just me thinking about it. We all are. Like last weekend when I was having a girls night in with my friend Jen (the sort of foodie you'd be lucky to know so that you can expect a charcuterie & cheese plate when you stop by at the last minute), talk floated from fluff (where admittedly it stayed for a long time -- this is weekend decompressing after all ;) to the big stuff like searching out your purpose in life. It makes sense that having purpose (which boils down to finding people to serve and help and seeing this life in terms of big picture living -- ie. most things are not worth sweating. people before things, etc. ) makes you happy. Go ahead -- look around you -- the most positive people have a good sense of this. And the good thing about delving into this during the busy seasons of life means it can be an organic shift in how you live your life and you won't land up in a quieter season feeling like "what was the point of all this?" Because you'll know. And you'll know your place in it.
recommended reading: this, and this and for parents this
I'd love to hear other about other great books on intentionally living. Feel free to share them in the comments.

It's my day off so I am digging into Good Books, hitting at least one thrift store, puttering around the house, and planning this summer's publications (it looks like my collection of short stories and a book on working motherhood will both be hitting e-book format). Happy long weekend to you, fellow Canadians.

having the friends over that inspired this bbq back for more this weekend.

Friday, December 30, 2011

wrapping the year end up before the glitter starts raining

a few games with little c, endless vacuuming pre and post the playdate circuit that is making its way through our house, and a few first aid issues -- the results of some trampolining, and when my linen closet contents are brought outside to help the brothers "fly" you can imagine. even my much beloved mini hoover got into the action. it can't die i need it too much.

good thing tommorow holds the promise of date night.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the list maker holidays

we are holidaying, which means more crafts and reading.
my bookmark is currently in this
and i justed finished a fun dash through this one . those swell books always make me want to throw an impromptu dinner party
which i am probably always in danger of doing even without the aid of inspirational resources ;)

of holidays and dinner parties past, the best part always remains the friends that populate them.
even without the trimmings, time spent with them is swell.
it is with that i move into one of my favorite times of year -- celebrating the wonder of Christmas and the glitz and possibilites of another year upcoming

and because under the sequins (another one of those hack a dress into a skirt creations), faux leopard fur, tiara headband, and chandelier earrings (yes, that is my actual new year's garb -- when else can you wear this combo? ;) i am a geeky non fiction devouring, list making girl -- you know i am starting new notebooks to scribe away in.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

regular menu resumes

the dinner party for 18 is behind us. themed decorations put away, borrowed table and chairs ready to be returned to rightful owner, and 2012 schedule of dinner party club established. can't tell you how thrilled i am to be feasting with these great people once a month for the foreseeable future.
sunday was a bunch of reading and resting and d cooking both sunday meals (brunch and dinner) which was smart of him because after that entertaining i would have been ok with us all eating cereal out of the box for the day. it turned out to be greasy spoon at home themed which also worked for me (if i don't make it, the grease calories don't faze me ;)

still working towards laptop writing day. it's coming. i'm still promising myself.

Monday, May 09, 2011

labor love balance

scenes from a weekend: roses from a lovely secret pal, art installation little c called his tree house, message from the counter while doing dishes -- the water spots made this exact configuration when i lifted up the crockpot, lego building -- this set from Christmas was finally built

i spent the bulk of this weekend with my mom at one of those spiritual retreats where you do a lot of crying and hone the vision of how you really want to live your life out. (more big picture, less fleeting stuff) it was great. (once i clued in not to wear mascara the second day ;)

also part of the weekend was appys and wine with good friends, mother's day celebrating with family, lunch made by d, those made at school mother's day cards from the boys. working more on the library upstairs. love all that stuff.

as enamored with working from home as i am (and how it fits with the above) you know i am also intrigued by pre-retirement living (which is not what it first sounds like -- to sit on one's laurels early -- but to get the balance right and work to live, not live to work) one of the featured profiled guys had this to say:

What does Pretirement mean to you?

To “work on living not living to work”

How are you living Pretirement?
It’s definitely all about lifestyle. I have a very flexible work schedule, with only a few months in the winter when I am really busy. The great thing is that what I call “work” most people would consider recreation. I work for a small boutique style heliskiing company doing all the sales, marketing, advertising, branding and media. To me it’s not work. My heart is so far into it that I get excited everyday about something that is going on in the business. If we skied all year round I would probably become a work-a-holic but even in the busy season I still have breakfast with my kids, pick them up for lunch and take a day off each week to ski in the winter or dirtbike in the summer. I make my own hours and pretty much come and go as I please, but I still “make it happen!”. I was Mica’s first employee hired by the owner the first year he started the business. Now Mica Heliskiing is the leader in boutique small group heliskiing, known world over as the best skiing on the planet. SKIING Magazine awarded Mica “Best heliskiing” in their annual ‘best of’ resort guide for 2011. This is a big accolade for a small company who is only 2.5% marketshare. (toot toot, plug LOL).

What was your life like before Pretirement?
Stressful! Busy busy busy, never home always traveling, all work and little play. Not much time for the family and a lot of stress trying to pay bills, get the nicer car and the better house..high pressure jobs, never comfortable…it was a rat race and I was sick of being a rat. Too much uncertainty when you work for companies, the only security, financially and mentally for me is to be my own boss.

What are your Pretirement plans for 2011?
More of the same! A lot of family time, camping, traveling, dirtbiking, friends, food wine & living the dream!

What is your key piece of advice to anyone considering Pretirement?
Go for it! Just do it…take a chance! Don’t be fooled by this materialistic world we live in, you can work less and live more, simplify, downsize and create your own priorities. Get a life now, why wait until its almost over to retire?

if you're looking for kitchen inspiration this week, this may be my favorite over-haul i've read about to date

Friday, April 29, 2011

when your mind empties at week end to make room for the next one

yesterday i had a discussion with some women at my thursday morning group about knowing when to slow things down, take something off the schedule, have a nap, read something worthwhile, have that put-off discussion with a loved one. i'm finally getting better at it. part of the to-do list/life balance is lining it up with the priorities which make sense for your own life -- not someone else's. so even if i really respect someone and have the same core priorities, but we're in different places in life or have different challenges, our day to day life should reflect that. it's all those zen words you hear thrown about -- being intentional and the like -- the truth is when they are put into practice they are something authentically yours.

currently reading the backwoods of canada between fashion mags and notebook story scribbling. you know i love hearing how they did life back when.

also finally watched born into brothels. it broke my heart and made me want to adopt a whole gaggle of kids.

someone asked how my week went at the end of it. not sure what it means that i had to refer to my calendar for what happened (day job, middle schooler social life chauffering, introducing a girlfriend to thrifting, hosting friends and being hosted, movie and wine night with d, kitchen floor refinishing and the like) ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

eats and frocks on weekend shifts

i may be addicted to sewing up little shiny dresses. give me a bit of saturday to myself (in which the oldest is off snowboarding & the youngest two are at their gymnastics lessons) and i may run over to the fabric store (originally looking for plaid taffeta a la RL) they didn't have it. so i bought 1 metre of clearance pink taffeta instead and spent the afternoon sewing every inch of it into something cute to wear for valentine's.

i love gifts that come in coolers. a friend this last week gave us some butcher paper wrapped cow goodness so that turned into a big mess of dishes that were amazing and were scarfed down a la famille in front of the food network (chopped -- our fave -- mine in particular because entertaining with good food is often using what you have on hand to make interesting well presented dishes and the chopped chefs are challenged with the weirdest combos which i can identify with once home from the store with a random assortment of ingredients)

it turns out that little c is further meal planning. the best trick i've found to keep him sitting relatively still through an hour + of sunday service is he and i taking turns drawing food into boxes (a la webkinz) he loves it. if i put it on the fridge afterward it looks like we're planning ahead ;) a bit optimistically i might add
i am mid rest day but tommorow's early morning session promises to have a whole bunch of storylines to follow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

enjoying the aftermath

it's sunday

and something greasy (roasted potatoes with chopped chives and turkey sausages) is cooking in the oven for late brunch. i'm back from attending a church different than my own for my little cadet's cadet sunday (where they march in with flags in their matching shirts and do a dramatic reading from scripture (based on james 3) that convicts all the grownups of the room where the life we are meaning to lead is not measuring up to the one we are leading and to stay there (the latter) is to settle. i took a lot of notes on the message that followed. listening makes me connect ideas and the way i process is always to write them down. i took some to share on HJ. (also i took notes because as i confessed to my women's group this past thursday, if i do not my brain will wander and inadvertently start planning the next kiddie birthday party or something of equal frivolity ;))
my house is messy because we had some friends over last night. the appys were scattered on tables throughout the mingling house, the kids were driving into our socializing feet with remote controls, and black silly putty may have been confiscated. it was late. dishes are now everywhere. and i wouldn't have it any other way. i ♥ entertaining. (which is just a one word way to say collect your friends into a few adjoining rooms, add delicious food and drink, and let their stories flow. even better than novel reading, i tell you)

in a bid to stay relaxed in the midst of house chaos i took pics of the things that are put together (if i zoom in close enough ;) that make my eyes smile. (my family frame that includes pics of d as a little, d and i as fledgling grownups back in the day, one of him on the couch in our single wide with our first baby, my grandparents, and my dad when he was a baby which has doubled as the cover for mother mexico, little c's leftover bedtime snack, the cutie yellow shoes i can't wait to wear this spring, and my newest giltly acquistion -- shiny and 25 cents -- the best kind of find)

happy rest day to you. take God up on it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the good life, kids in tow

a girl whose blog i love reading did her last post about life before kids i loved it
and it got me thinking
because for us, three loud boys in tow, there is nothing to mourn.
our life before kids (unless you count our teenagehoods) was a whole five months long
i was four months to the day pregnant behind my white rose bouquet. and those five remaining months were less filled with swanky dinners and world travel than they were with barbeque chips and 1 tv channel in my maternity duds in our single wide trailer. (this sounds like it might be the kind of cliche a writer throws around for the fun of it, but it's a true story ;)

so we started the life we wanted then.
our annual valentine's dinner party started out as dinner for ten already with the furniture moved along the living room wall and a rented table thrown down the middle and covered with paper with quotes scribed on. it was eight courses with century sam cigars (99cent kind one can source at 7-11) and baby canadian champagne at the end, and a two year old on my knee right into the salad course i notice our baby two children later is also at our eating sides in this year's pictures so some things don't change ;) but it was glamourous to us.

to this day, we are more about wine and takeout in front of a movie at home (the picture is documentation of this last weekend -- you know i was stitching beads onto clothing for fun and an action movie was playing) between those dinners i love planning. but it feels like the good life to us. and you know we are planning our senior years with wild abandon
today is a writing 9-5er (not literally because you know the kids are going to throw a wrench into output when they come home) but it sounds better that way. will let you know what results.
to add a smile to your day read this girl's real life post.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dinner was fabulous, thank you very much

house is typical post dinner party chaos.
i'm ok with it. ♥ my friends and their amazing side dish leftovers left behind.
and i have plenty of chocolates and good reads to help me ignore the mess with
but i do wish the kidlets were craving bed
so they would rush off early and leave me alone with my valentine ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

just a little bit of chocolate heart

i love the sound of my five year old upstairs vacuuming his own room. i'll probably have to perform CPR on the vacuum later, but it's worth it.
we're getting ready for a houseful of valentine's dinner guests, my flower friends have dropped off beauties for the table, i have my bling standing by, and am all set to get last minute groceries and do the dual b-day school friends party saturday run around.

looking forward to celebrating with friends tonight and then having a throw me back to childhood valentine's day lunch at my mom's tommorow. she's informed me our annual goodies are awaiting. see where i've inherited my ♥ of celebrating the everyday from?
(adorable chandelier a 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. find)