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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Big Fat Newsletter, Cheap Eats Advice, and What to do with those Scraps of Paper Lying Around

It's been a bit since I last posted.
I confess, I've been letting instagram get the best of my day to day. (it's hard not to -- the whole family including my grandma is on there so it's like visiting with them all day long)
My account doesn't get to be the charming hour by hour play by play my sister raising two kids under 2 manages -- my teenagers would definitely not be ok with me following them around for the shots ;) but it'll still be an overshare of what I'm reading, what color polish I'm wearing, and what last food D has cooked up for us. (all riveting, I know ;)

My everydaywritingcoach readers will be happy to know that they will be getting a twice-as-thick summer newsletter for July & August this week. (If you want to sign up simply email You can send your writing questions there as well.)

I am also happy to share this blogger with you. If you are interested in eating real food, buying local, and spending very little money doing it (she feeds a family of 4 on $330 per month), you will want to check her blog out as well.

I'm off to release that newsletter and corral my scraps of paper notes into the summer manuscript.
Will keep you posted.

Monday, April 21, 2014

family time and other things that occupy us

mental note to self: take more pictures. the first event I pull my camera out for this year has been a quarter through the year. thank goodness for the right click save on FB.
 my family's easter dinner and spring birthday celebration was delicious and relaxing. (thanks, mom!)
 we've stretched out our celebrating until today so we have more goodies to distribute and ham to eat at our house.
 little c should have been a twin. look at me fitting in writing when he is otherwise occupied. sneaky, I know...    the countdown to book is close upon us. and summer is fast behind. my favorite, long day, fit-in-more-fun time of the year

Thursday, March 06, 2014

chai for breakfast, indoor stables, and reading about the art world

 if you are a lover of chai, you will be thrilled to know you can now eat your favorite flavor for breakfast as oatmeal. it's weird so you know I impulse purchased (verdict: good, but not topping sally's dark chocolate flavor).
the week has been running past juggling multiple work ventures, some family time with the kids' cousins on both sides, mommy chores like supergluing the broken glasses while we wait for the replacement ones, and attempting to fit a new read about Emily Carr into the mix.
 D and little C executing little C's stable plans for his horse Charlie (as close as he'll come to having a horse while under this roof -- I've seen the sort of life take-over horses are -- worse than hockey ;)

Monday, February 10, 2014

ribbons, biscotti, and the power of a child's heart

we've been whipping up homemade biscotti. my favorite recipes bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, and then are toasted for 10 minutes. our recent bakes were peanut butter chocolate and banana chocolate (much better than banana bread I have to say)
little c likes making lists of wants and finding ways to finance them (and he doesn't think small -- the list that hung on the fridge most recently featured a projector and a doorbell for his room) so when he was touched on compassion sunday (our church hosted one a couple of weeks ago) and signed us up to sponsor a little girl in india, I shouldn't have been surprised that he would find a way to finance her sponsorship. immediately his list came down, and he started sourcing couch cushion change and doing chores around the house, then he decided when it was adding up rather slowly, that if he skipped the 2 hot lunches at school this month, he could contribute that $10 too. and he's been eyeing the family Netflix account as a possible contribution. I have to say, as an adult that likes her perks (starbucks, magazines, etc), it's been pretty humbling. "Jesus did say, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

craft of the day (I have been alternating sewing and story weaving all day): I am a believer in the difference it makes in jeans to cut out the pockets and sew them closed. try it (you'll need a special jeans weight needle for your sewing machine) the ones I did today (amazing $2 Rock and Republic recent find) had super cute logo-ed lining I thought would be fun to try and make into ribbon. 
steps for the interested:
1. cut both pockets in half to make 4 strips.
2. fold and pin into desired ribbon size
3. sew along both sides leaving ends open so that they can be fitted into one another
4. fit each end into the next and match up the stitching
5. finish the ends
6. tie onto something you want to jazz up

Sunday, August 19, 2012

snapshots of august

 my new stumbled upon pairing: maple brown sugar bacon with crumble apple pie -- as amazing as you suspect it might be -- combining it with this book about manhattan social climbing in the 30s was a delish summer combo.
 the great outdoor pool walking distance from our house -- i used to ride my bike here for swimming lessons as a kid. they have toonie swims in afternoon. my neighbor running partner and i dragged kids and picnic lunches along.
i finally realized why the kids are willing to part with hard earned paper route money for headphones like this -- you can't hear a thing outside of your podcast world once they're on -- a frazzled mommy delight. (and why i look like i am in my happy place ;)

 about the extent of the organizing that was accomplished on the art cupboard -- about 1/9 of what should have occured had i not been reading and eating treats and sitting by a pool half the summer
 the oldest realized his second story room fell in ripe cherry picking territory. i couldn't resist a photo and a bit of the spoils.
 little c thinks his new loft bed makes his room even more apartment like. kudos to grandpa for the hours of IKEA instruction riddled assembly
more reading. and no, the wild blackberries picked never made it into jam. fresh eats and muffins were all we could wait for.

i'm settling for reading above writing this summer. every summer i think it's going to be different. this one i'm being a little more realistic about not even attempting to get it in.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

mmm. summer. and sometimes. mmm? summer!

prettiest cariboo sunset ever

 little c & co. lemonade enterprise
 family bonding
 fabulous and ultra yum date
 scrapbooking taking over the house
 view from the canoe
the whole family off work -- love it when that coincides. the results: d and m lunch date followed by a week at our favorite cabin with the family. writing is taking a backseat to summer heat meltdowns (the literal and figurative kinds -- it's affecting little c on a whole 'nother level -- the kind where you rush out and buy more parenting books. likely i should be buying more fans instead ;) thinking of sneaking in writing like i do my homework -- all nighter to the real life rescue.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

bribing oneself in the midst of a flying summer

who knew my new pinterest addiction would come in handy?  i was bribing myself when doing grunt work writing with 10 pinterest items for every 100+ words. it worked so i tried it for household chores, and then even stumbled on the pinterest idea of putting folded sheets into pillowcases for storage. (quite possibly the only pinterest idea i have actually executed ;) when i wasn't pretending to be organized, i was feeling summer fly right by. how are we this close to the end of july already?!
in july's dust lies little c's birthday, the oldest's "build a house in mexico" trip (pics at instagram links below)
and some summering in swimming pools and back yard forts.

the other day i was driving behind a dad and his little girl on his motorcycle and i flashed back to childhood rides on the back of my dad's. it was super cute. i remember wearing jogging pants (the kind that clinched onto the ankle) under my ruffled dress. let's pretend that was trendy ;) (not sure that all the crafts i pull out will be the equivalent of riding on the back of a motorcycle, but  humor me ;)

art cupboard contents rarely in actual cupboard -- should start calling kitchen art floor

 my kind of salad -- with a big hunk of dinner in the middle ;)
 the kids' VBS craft -- adorable
 little c wanted to take his entire class to the pottery store in the mall. i wasn't about to subject the store staff (or my wallet) to that. so we re-created the experience at home. worked out like i had pictured it in my mind -- love it when that happens.
 even the paper route looks beautiful when looked at from the right angle
 painting party in full swing.
 fort building with little c. he took some pictures of me posing in there too, but i will spare you them.
 i could make a coffee table book of d's dinners -- he is much more cheffish than i am about dinner -- this was his own herb crust for the chicken and garden pesto and garlic in olive oil on the pasta
the middlest is all about the winter headwear in the summer. it drives me crazy, but i pretend not to care. apparently he is making a scarf as well.

along with a tons of photos clogging up my phone, i have a file ongoing that contains current blog fodder so it doesn't run off the edge of my brain map into the unknown abyss. incidentally, the same reason i have a heap of lists going at any one time.

Friday, May 04, 2012

friday rolling stop

this week my left hand ring finger was jammed at soccer. mild swelling so i am wearing my wedding band on my pinkie like a middle aged man trying to to change up his get-up. charming, i know ;)
thankfully, on the less ridiculously looking front, i have scored some cutie thrifty duds for weekend wear. to go with them, my belt from this dress is getting more wear than it bargained for (goes with everything... love that)
partook in my first at work potluck. the theme was food from around the world. because i like safe and easy when it comes to bringing potluck items, i went with new york waldorf salad (for foodie cheaters like me use kraft's poppy seed dressing instead of mixing up mayo and lemon juice + spices) it was popular which made me feel less bad about enjoying everyone else's slaved over creations. there were some amazing dishes.

i'm off to tidy the house. don't want our weekend guests to feel like they have stepped into a play about a whirlwind week. the middlest's class fundraiser on the saturday horizon, i am going to steal reading and writing minutes when i can find them.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

snow day turns into snow week

well snow day turned into snow week and it wasn't the horror i expected. the kids and i had the week off in which to plug in the annual prospera sledding/snowboarding trek, homemade cocoa, a bit of work from home, and plenty of outside play alternating with everyone on their own piece of technology vegging the day away.
and the week ended with a miracle road snow melt just in time to be a part of a fundraiser for a family dear to my heart.
and now rest day continues -- always the perfect ending to every weekend.

new tagline to the top right of the blog disclaimer: my friends and readers will be suprised to know i am no longer a coffee drinker. i've been getting used to my newly found lifestyle restrictions, but taking it out of my diet seems to be working for me (along with another list of things i love -- citrus fruits, wine tipped cigarillos (i know, ridiculous -- but they go well with the occasional wine pairing ;), and milk. it's been an easy adjustment, surprisingly. i'm ascribing that to the relief of "something helps me feel better" and that i didn't dare break in the coffee machine no one seems to use at work ;)

you know i had to find a replacement crutch (something to write and read beside) and i have -- chai tea with vanilla rice milk. if you have delish coffee alternatives i'd love to hear them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

regular menu resumes

the dinner party for 18 is behind us. themed decorations put away, borrowed table and chairs ready to be returned to rightful owner, and 2012 schedule of dinner party club established. can't tell you how thrilled i am to be feasting with these great people once a month for the foreseeable future.
sunday was a bunch of reading and resting and d cooking both sunday meals (brunch and dinner) which was smart of him because after that entertaining i would have been ok with us all eating cereal out of the box for the day. it turned out to be greasy spoon at home themed which also worked for me (if i don't make it, the grease calories don't faze me ;)

still working towards laptop writing day. it's coming. i'm still promising myself.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

storylines on the page and in life are both unfolding like mad. not a bad thing. going along for the ride. on my to do list is a trip to starbucks with my laptop to write in peace for a bit. (have it on the calendar already to keep me motivated) until then i'll be writing on scrap paper. and of course some Christmas baking. the only thing better than making gingerbread cookies is not having to make the dough first. love gifts from bake-happy friends

Monday, November 28, 2011

the avoidance of tinsel and the cutting of potatoes

a weekend of photo ordering: a shutterfly book of memories and Christmas cards and framed works by the talented ADV
and some celebrating (a good friend's 50th birthday -- which incorporated a pig roast -- which suits this sometimes country girl, always omnivore just fine)
some jumping the Christmas gun and putting up the tree and making and eating a gingerbread house already.
hosting some great friends and wrapping the weekend up with a few playdates for the kids and some father son bonding while cooking time. you know i love it.
today is the usual storyline to do list shuffle

Monday, October 31, 2011

the food and drink that makes the to do list easier to tackle

ticking off item to do lists

makes way for family activities like

taking in a fun fair night at church and watching the middleschooler in his youth group's seasonal drama production.

(so fun to see one's kid on stage in his element. when kids are little, as a parent you are so by their homework and studying word by word but as they get older they have whole pieces of their world you are not privy to unless they happen to think to mention it. the lines were like that for me. i'd hear him off studying them but it felt like someone else's kid up there getting into his role so thoroughly)

making apple fritters before


they turned out suspiciously similar to oliebollen which i have a huge weakness for (but the kids don't like raisins so we'll just call them donuts ;)

d and my dating this weekend consisted of a night with friends (all themed up and dressed up -- great fun, thanks rebec!) and some more lower-key stuff like errands au deux and sharing a bottle of wine while we putter around in the house doing our own thing side by side (reading a stack of mags and altering clothes and figuring out a new program on the computer -- i'm thinking you can guess who is who respectively)

week's forecast is a bit more to do list and some scribing thrown in.

i'll try not to make any more deep fried goodies, but i'm not promising anything.

if you know a little girl who has an american girl doll or this adorable canadian equivalent, (i have two nieces unwrapping them this Christmas) don't just be limited by the offerings in their brand specific shops. this weekend found me ordering the cutest little knee socks here