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Monday, February 10, 2014

ribbons, biscotti, and the power of a child's heart

we've been whipping up homemade biscotti. my favorite recipes bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, and then are toasted for 10 minutes. our recent bakes were peanut butter chocolate and banana chocolate (much better than banana bread I have to say)
little c likes making lists of wants and finding ways to finance them (and he doesn't think small -- the list that hung on the fridge most recently featured a projector and a doorbell for his room) so when he was touched on compassion sunday (our church hosted one a couple of weeks ago) and signed us up to sponsor a little girl in india, I shouldn't have been surprised that he would find a way to finance her sponsorship. immediately his list came down, and he started sourcing couch cushion change and doing chores around the house, then he decided when it was adding up rather slowly, that if he skipped the 2 hot lunches at school this month, he could contribute that $10 too. and he's been eyeing the family Netflix account as a possible contribution. I have to say, as an adult that likes her perks (starbucks, magazines, etc), it's been pretty humbling. "Jesus did say, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

craft of the day (I have been alternating sewing and story weaving all day): I am a believer in the difference it makes in jeans to cut out the pockets and sew them closed. try it (you'll need a special jeans weight needle for your sewing machine) the ones I did today (amazing $2 Rock and Republic recent find) had super cute logo-ed lining I thought would be fun to try and make into ribbon. 
steps for the interested:
1. cut both pockets in half to make 4 strips.
2. fold and pin into desired ribbon size
3. sew along both sides leaving ends open so that they can be fitted into one another
4. fit each end into the next and match up the stitching
5. finish the ends
6. tie onto something you want to jazz up

Saturday, December 21, 2013

books, crafts, snow, and other holiday delights

 shot of dresser taken from bed to let you know about the lazy holiday state of affairs (currently reading this great book. notice my latest easy peasy craft: abandoned picture frame spray painted pewter glass and all and fitted with a piece of trimmed printed burlap -- all it needed was glue stick to hold it together and a plate stand to place it on)
 the cat holding court in the kitchen. ribboned boards beside him are waiting for our newly printed family pictures
 my attempts to capture night time snow play. I wised up after a few minutes and left them to their own devices -- more reading time for me ;)
my holiday decorating style is to use the things I already use day to day. grouping the red feels festive. little c contributed the sparkled house -- his holiday craft to replicate all those cute snowy houses you see in cloches everywhere -- 25 cent ceramic house covered again in glue stick and glitter.
Merry Christmas from our home to yours. photography credit goes to Velvet Moon Photography. design credits to sister made designs. thrilled with both.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

to do list in cork and black bean soup

(two of my favorite colors)
traded a gym visit for a laundry room redo today -- touched up the missing bits on the wall and cupboards, treated the floor to a paint treatment, and hacked up a rug in basement storage into a motley of throw rugs. the only thing missing is a DIY version of this. but i put the rest of my creative energy into journal pages of novel scenes while watching the tail end of a sappy movie.
it'll have to wait until next time.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

juggling isn't just for books

last year's little planter bit the dust :( will have to source another like it

you guessed it, i have another stack of books to read. i pick one up read for a bit, do a chore, take the kids somewhere, come home, pick up another etc. i loved when tara told me her mom did this and it was a childhood memory of hers: 3 reads always on the go: one for morning, one for afternoon, and one for evening.

finishing up painting (which now that you mention it, is not unlike the 3 books i have on the go -- there are always a variety of on-going projects to pick from ;) and lest i don't have a craft to interrupt them, i found a $1 clearance rack dress to alter into something i saw and wanted that was $200. (it makes more sense to me to put the difference in our vacation fund)

the stories continue to chug along. it'll be hard not to inject a whole lot of summer days into them, because summer just takes over like that. heat, mosquitoes, fans, swimming, bbq, salads... there's a lot to write about.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

my family will understand when we sit down to easter dinner on a bare wood table

spring break afternoon -- mid week of running the boys to hang out with their friends here and there and hosting kids myself i took a stretch of day for myself. it wasn't the 20 min nap (i read somewhere that sleep cycles are 20 minutes long so will only take them in timed 20 min intervals) they might still upset circadian rhythms as evidenced by my posting this tutorial in the middle of the night ;) but they make a girl feel rested (plus block out spring break brother on brother madness) but it came right after it.

i've been wanting to continue the sewing a dress for the next occasion, whatever it might be saga -- this time in 2011 spring trend cream lace so you know when my grandma was throwing away her lace tablecloths i saw them as more than table finery (plus i'm a plain jane linen for the table girl) so i started in on the dress. (which is waiting for more fabric store supplies so will likely get finished next week as i can't picture the boys volunteering to hit fabricland this week or myself volunteering to take them -- they might craft it up from time to time, but also are apt to choke hold one another next to sewing notion stands ;)

it was all pinned up and then i realized i still had some great cream lace remnants laying around so you know i thought how about a shirt? pulled out a stretchy nude cami and handstitched away.

easy peasy how to:

1. pin a layer to the top seam, folding to cover raw edges and letting the machine finished seam hang down, sew

2. do the same thing on the bottom edge of the cami

3. try on

4. strategically layer the remaining lace somewhere in your midsection for whatever layered look you are going for (i settled on tying rosettes to the one strap, letting it drape on a diagonal and then securing with stitching to the bottom hem)

5. know there is no wrong way to do it -- it's your one of a kind shirt

still working through the stack of books i scored at the friends of the library sale last week --clever of them to call it that --it did make me want to be their friend -- 12 books (not all for me -- i shared with d and the boys) for $3

& adding notes and found scrap paper scenes to my lovely notebook. the sewing was a fun distraction, but the words will be where i will be focusing my attention for the rest of the week(when i am not sorting out my taxes -- the only time of year it is annoying to be self employed in multiple ventures ;)

Saturday, January 01, 2011

upcycling for new year's

you know i like eco-recycling things and cheap things and fun things (which explains my browsing addiction to the shabby nest and the like)
and this project was all that
conceptualized this fall after i saw something fun and bright blue shiny at le chateau
and wanted some of that
this was a fun fresh take with money left over to ring the new year in with

steps for the interested:

1. take a bright satin thrift store bridesmaid dress (v waist, hideous bows on sleeves perfect)
2. rip the seams apart from bodice to skirt with a seam ripper
3. lay the material flat, folding it in half or more, depending on size (it is now insta-lined)
4. step into it, pinning yourself into it up the left side if you're right handed (conversely, up the right side if you're left handed)
5. step out, repin along the same line turning the seams inward
6. flip sheath inside out to sew (hand stitching is your best bet unless you are a machine whiz -- satin is tricky to work with tension wise)
7. along the top, flip raw edge out, leaving enough room to work an elastic through, sew
8. pull a thick elastic through making sure it lies flat, knot at desired fit (try on)
9. stitch top shut, attach accessories pulled off original gown (bows, bling, etc) if you don't have any, disassemble a dollar store flower hair accessory in a complementary color and sew it on
10. try dress on, pinning and sewing darts where needed for fit
it is the most comfortable thing to wear if a little crease prone. ;) definitely plan to do this project again. black or champagne satin would be perfect.
happy new year 2011!
definitely a year of more fun with friends and craft projects ahead
writing will be scattered between family celebration today

handmade projects

Monday, November 08, 2010

the crafting to relax continues

up now. the creepy cat lady ring
saw a large framed bee ring when online window shopping a while back and thought i'd recreate it. it's not for everyone, but i super ♥ it

steps for the interested:

1. acquire lightweight wire, ring base, and curved washer, and clear liquid glue
2. wire washer to ring base, press wire on top to as flush with washer bed as possible
3. turn ring over and trace a circle out of paper design (mine was a toilet paper ad cat)
4. cut out and trim to fit
5. glue in and cover entire washer surface with thick glue layer
6. let dry (set in candle base and leave for the day)
7. wear with the rest of your big bling
anyone who sees a future in non-paying hand modeling, contact me to apply. i am so not cut out for it ;)
wrote in a parking lot while waiting for the kids today. survived parent teacher conferences and my monday to do list. it's pm and i have more words waiting to come out. good thing i recharged with the upcycling ringmaking

Upcycling - (verb) the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

when your boy scout decides he might need to learn how to knit

you know i'm getting this kid a tool kit for his upcoming b-day

his right now impulsiveness both makes me laugh and scares me (mostly because it feels a little too familiar ;)

last night his auntie showed him how to knit (she is busy accessorizing her cute wardrobe with hats, and purses, and bags) and i promised him i would pick up some knitting needles today. i don't think he even has a purpose in mind for his knit itch -- more like have to acquire another skill.

i didn't give it another thought, or even blink when i saw the wood shavings everywhere when i came into his room to tuck him in. (remember this is that kid) he has tools and bits of tree stored everywhere. but i was surprised at what that wood carving project was

he had decided to take things into his own hands.

starting to think i should forget my etsy daydream and set him up with his own business ;)

how ingenius is this? love it. they're all so unique.

leave a comment :)
how have your kids surprised you with their little whirring minds?

novel writing is getting pushed aside by sunny day and business paper-pushing, but it is right at the edge of my mind, just brewing...

Monday, September 06, 2010

thrifty chicks unite - a giveaway

i have long been a fan of gail on til debt do us part. she is brutal but funny and committed to getting families ahead.

and i love looking for ways to live like a cheap chick to up overall quality of living with funds to share with worthy causes besides.

in this vein, i am committed to 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. on FB (my near year old venture with this cute girl) -- helping families hit their budgets with the click of a mouse, and studying all the smart ideas shared every frugal friday on the shabby nest. (often repurposing items you already have to make something you would otherwise save up for or slap down on a card -- it's addictive)

i often check out threads on saving and am constantly delighted with the ideas being as varied as the people that give them (different sensibilities, life stages, and abilities) the idea is to expose yourself to as many as possible, use what works for you, and come out ahead.

chances are, you have some of your own that you would share if someone would just ask. i am prepared to bribe you to share them. ;)

comment with your top 1-5 ideas (on anything from birthday parties to dinnertime to date night to holidaying to wardrobe accruing) to be entered into the drawing for these adorable 2 thrifty chicks shopping co vintage goodies. winner will be selected randomly on friday morning the 10th and the winner can look forward to something besides bills in the mail. bonus entry for blogging or facebook status-ing about this giveaway. submit an extra comment to let me know you did :)
info gathered to be used for future info post (minus source identifiers).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the deadliest popcorn

amid rejection letters (and you know i like those anyway because i need them back for my submitting odds {the no's before the yes's} ) i get sweet words from my faithful reading friend ett. (her weekly specific prose feedback reminds me of the excitement i felt writing each story and her right hand chick status dates back to acknowledgements in my novel)
add in lovely response email from writer friend/former editor lorene, and i am cloud 9 happy. when i am up too early writing tommorow (today was a business paperwork write-off) i will remind myself on that.

on the hearth front, i am post soccer game, still in my slightly damp gear {it hosed rain throughout} and making popcorn for the boys watching their fave deadliest warrior. enough gratuitous history to make me not roll my eyes coupled with me being way past the day i wouldn't buy a toy pistol. [note to the horror stricken: the kids who are not allowed to own toy weapons usually make their own out of lego or sticks as soon as they're left unattended ;) ]

so now u know i'm too lax for u and i'm ok with that.

what i am less lax about is health.

the bad news on the bedtime snack front: microwave popcorn butter is loaded with carcinogens. and we ♥ popcorn. (so much so that our hot air popcorn popper registered use that crossed over from recreational to professional and gave up)

thanks to google, we know that folding and hand stitching (optional, but hard to resist if u have a hand crafting bent) a brown lunch bag and filling it with 1/4 c. popcorn and popping it for a minute and a half + a bit depending on your model, does the trick too.
thrilled to find out, thanks to reader betty that there are actually many uses for dryer lint. we are planning to make pinatas out of ours. not even kidding. ♥ that reduce, reuse, recycle stuff