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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holy Puttering

 I remember the first time I came across the mundane coupled with the spiritual -- my friend Sylvia had called me up mid-day a few years ago and had said I'm not sure why, because everything seems great, but I felt the Spirit call me to pray for your family while she cleaned her floors. It turned into a couple of hours of scrubbing and spiritual intercession. And I was amazed (and if you know me -- you know I cried ;). First of all, because the timing was impeccable (as God's tends to be) and secondly because I had always been under the impression that the spiritual and the mundane needed to be kept in separate spheres due to the holiness factor of the one and the physicality of the other.

But now that I know better, and have witnessed the power in the coupling of the two (going into that mind space regularly means it will start to happen when you are in the middle of your everyday which is a powerful way to live -- knowing you have a spiritual backing), I have enjoyed puttering in early mornings, while praying for every thought and need and anxiety in my life and in the ones around me -- everything from my nuclear family to facebook friends to people in the news.

needless to say, I am thankful for her call that day
 The puttering of today: hanging picture frames near the ceiling (which isn't hard to do in a quirky old farm house with a great variety in wall size) and the planning of a chalkboard wall in the dining room to turn this:
into this:

little c is now officially at camp. quelling my mommy nerves with editorial work and student hosting. and planning a little novel writing for later in the day.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

bibi guns, plastic fruit, and your money

 in order to photograph my wine basket and new wall vase (which reminds me suspiciously of a beautiful version of an oversized shot glass on a string St Patrick's day revelers carry around) I had to shove into it the bibi gun and yellow safety glasses that were poking out the top. (normal I'm sure) thanks, boys
 the faux fruit basket at my house contains an equal amount of sunglasses (I stole the idea for plastic display nutrition from my sister when I noticed her house lacked the fruit flies that accompany the real thing -- now my fruit is safely in the crisper. Some wise guy has since put teeth marks in the plastic fruit. I left it, as they definitely look real now.)
I've been wrestling with gimp software for my new editorship. One successful project in, I am so thankful for the you-tubers that have gone before me (a saving grace for an impatient visual learner)

my home office is quiet for a few more hours. I'm off to take advantage of them.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

the only thing i'll copy from a 'real housewife'

first day of summer for me and there's a week of writing and house puttering I have blocked off on the calendar.
in between thrifting and meeting first with one of my favorite writer friends Allison for lunch (which doubled as touching base on upcoming projects -- we're writing a writing book together and co-hosting the writer's weekend together again this year (save the date: Nov 21-23 in Hope BC) and with my sister for starbucks and a mall crawl (she has a baby so it consisted of cursory glances at storefronts and then dashing in and out of the dollar store to buy the supplies I need to copy the arrangement I mentally circled when watching RHOC (yes, guilty pleasure exposed -- literally no brain-power needed to
watch this show so perfect when exhausted ;)
then came home and executed my favorite kind of 30 second craft: insert foam into container, arrange flowers until foam is covered. done.
then heard the boys and friends coming down the driveway post school -- time to hide with a notebook and write

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Friday, April 11, 2014

it's spring. go outside.

 we took advantage of this first spring weather day to haul the living room table outside and paint it to match my Adirondack chairs. instant set for the cost of $1 paintbrushes (that was my rationale while the living room sat tableless for the week and D was wondering where to put his coffee cup in the meantime.)
 no wonder the middlest  and little c picked this tree to hold their tree fort -- check out the view. 10 points if you spot little c's silhouette reading off the ground.
a week later I came across this "tater bin" (as written on the tag in a local thrift store) great price, amazing workmanship, and weathered hinges. it had coffee table with book corralling storage written all over it. so I brought it home.

on the home front -- all three boys now have after school work to be driven to. little c couldn't be more thrilled to inherit some of the lawnmowing jobs the middlest did before getting a few hours at a local farm helping to feed calves. we've also added school track team and my soccer to the schedule because tis the season. if my stories take on a carpooling and athletic tone, you'll know why.

my reading team has their work cut out for them.e book launch is coming up in less than a month. and more exciting news to come. stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014 is here!

One more day to chillax before work resumes post holiday. Amazing New Year celebrating with friends in the dust of 2013 and family lunch today at my mom's and now time alone with my laptop to write at home. (switch hitting between two books for an early spring 2014 e-book launch of both)

I keep adding to the tree past Christmas (oversized flowers and trendy tinsel gifts from the post Christmas clearance fairies) so it's still up.

recent adventures in reading reflect how long ahead I like to plan. I'm ok with life taking me off course, I just like to have a plan and a roadmap. fascinating read.
to keep me in the moment, I also read living simply with children. which was a fast and common sense but inspiring read. basically about slowing down and allowing yourself an adult life and allowing the kids to be kids and enjoy a non-pedestal place in the family -- it takes the stress and heightened expectations out of childhood.

adventures in decorating: added a bulletin board element to the reversed picture and made my favorite faux fur coat into a dining room bench throw. (shopping home after window shopping urban barn)

Monday, December 23, 2013

more seasonal captures

we did a little pre-Christmas celebrating with our out of town friends who came over for turkey dinner and board games and homemade wine last night and stayed over with the family for an eggs benny en masse this morning. super fun. (and my first ever turkey turned out well so that was a relief)

I have more family portraits up in the kitchen -- my favorite spot for them (and not only because it's one of the biggest rooms in the house). feeling seasonally touched by family time, advent celebrating, and reminiscing over Christmases past (love the framed nativity sketch that's about a decade old), and the accumulation of Christmas cards in the mailbox.

wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas -- embrace the perfect little moments and brush off the things that go awry.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

books, crafts, snow, and other holiday delights

 shot of dresser taken from bed to let you know about the lazy holiday state of affairs (currently reading this great book. notice my latest easy peasy craft: abandoned picture frame spray painted pewter glass and all and fitted with a piece of trimmed printed burlap -- all it needed was glue stick to hold it together and a plate stand to place it on)
 the cat holding court in the kitchen. ribboned boards beside him are waiting for our newly printed family pictures
 my attempts to capture night time snow play. I wised up after a few minutes and left them to their own devices -- more reading time for me ;)
my holiday decorating style is to use the things I already use day to day. grouping the red feels festive. little c contributed the sparkled house -- his holiday craft to replicate all those cute snowy houses you see in cloches everywhere -- 25 cent ceramic house covered again in glue stick and glitter.
Merry Christmas from our home to yours. photography credit goes to Velvet Moon Photography. design credits to sister made designs. thrilled with both.

Friday, November 22, 2013

nothing says getting ready for the holidays like pulling out storage and making a mess

 I promised pictures of the laundry room/mudroom/furnace room/entry way when the paint had dried. you might think making things all dark would be too much for a room with little light, but I happen to like doing laundry in a moodily glamorous space ;) (for an idea of the 'cream' dingy before see the bottom pic on this post

 I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this, (flipping framed art around all RH )but I felt like a genius at 1am last night when I came home and was inspired to start decorating the house (had been at my friend Char's all decked out for Christmas house for my sister in law's baby shower -- i'm blaming her for the rearranging that's going on ;)
the rest is going to have to wait until after school -- promised little c he could be the tree assembler. bumping writing time into small slots -- playing around with plot organization currently -- it's a messy business.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Economics and the 1920s -- not necessarily in that order

 d and I went to our monthly dinner party club last night where we met with our favorite dining peeps (the ones who don't shy away from a theme and go all out on their turn making dining magic happen) the theme was The Great Gatsby which meant my new haircut had purpose and d looked adorable in a bow tie.
 in my latest stack of library books was the one below -- insightful pretty much self page turning read. no matter what your approach to your relationship, I would bet u would find it speaks to you too. love books written by clever people.

this is my favorite time of year: the tree is on standby, I can't wait to start playing Christmas tunes ,and I've been wrapping stocking stuffers for some time now.

off to tidy up some more house before schlepping the kids back and forth to youth group. I have some time scheduled for plot rearranging this week. will let you know how it goes.
i'm not the only one who's psyched for holiday decorating. check out little c's coordinated lights and balloon chandelier -- I should be putting him in charge of the rest of the house ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

what a lack of sleep inspires

ahhh. the long weekend.
extra sleep and time with the family
except I drank an energy drink too close to bed and whacked my sleep all up.
so I'm doing another coat of paint in the laundry room (a room that has long plagued me with its super functional dingy-ness doubling with it being our main entrance) so now it's the kind of dark grey that looks great with gilded frames and looks amazing. pics to come when everything is back in its place.
my mom did the same haircut she's done on me since childhood yesterday. the best thing about your mom doing your hair is she will cut it when no one else is up on the weekend (7:45 am on a Saturday morning) a little bit of an impromptu decision that was niggling at the back of my brain and pushed over the edge by an upcoming great Gatsby themed party invite.
current writing: pieces of my stories are coming together well. looks like the short story collection might make its way to ebook a bit before the novel (for which new scenes are generating too quickly for prompt execution.)
current read: this one about a secondhand shop owner in NYC. thought it was appropriate as this month marks about a year of not doing a little second hand store. I missed 2 thrifty chicks when I ran across things I knew my shoppers would love while thrifting. (but did not miss the stacks and stacks of clothes to store) my new venture is pish posh: home décor for everyone. already dreaming up fun shopping events.
still not sleepy. will probably get that way when everyone else wakes up. wish me luck.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

go go go stop

Christmas holidays have arrived and they are everything I needed.
a night in with the family, a date with d, crafting time with my sister, puzzling and hanging out time with the kids, reading reading reading time, time to watch documentaries on netflix, and write, leisurely visits with friends...  and the holidays have just started.
as i have recently explained to my friend jen, i rest on fast forward.
so i'm fitting a lot in, but there will always be time to wander around the house shooting pics of random things that strike my fancy.
 the best shopping deal i've ever scored.
 little c's apartmentesque room. (glad i didn't witness his hanging off the top bunk to hang those speakers. ;)
 this is about when i got tired of hanging these cards. (and i think i did one.) picture the rest sitting on top of a box to the left. tape doesn't stick well to brick
 love the dining room (and my ability to ignore painter's tape and unfinished trim in favor of a good book or two or three)
 our retro unfolding tree that fits perfectly in the kitchen corner.
did i mention i love this place?
looking forward to the flurry of unwrapping and a great cup of tea.

Monday, January 16, 2012

assorted crafting to learn and relax

amid the socializing and resting that was the weekend, i did some more writing planning and a quickie-craft -- shadowbox do-over. the results sit on my family pictures plate rail.
right up there with smiling at sleeping children, is coming across their "teach the adults something" sunday school art. comics and verses scribed, they touch my heart in a new way.
it's another day job, after school sports running, trying not to panic about impending snow day.

see my previous crafty ode to the frugal source of "have a glass with dinner" in the background

it'll make a good story if nothing else ;)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

playing florist to relax

i'm set up to see my rosedale girlfriends (of dinner party club membership) every second day for the next week. tis the season. last night was Christmas centerpiece making night (at the wonderful hostess with the mostess -- and the newest inductee into DP club -- it looked like house and home set up her functional shop workspace) i set to work making singularly themed arrangements. they may be basic but i like them.

today is biscotti making, stairs refinishing, notebook scratching... and trying not to adhere more shiny beads to twigs. love these ones.