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Sunday, December 21, 2014

a man in the kitchen and other dreamy things

receiving magazines from friends, reading them (like any list-making geek, I take notes), and then passing them on to other friends is how I make sure the stacks under my bed don't get any bigger
 little c is a Pictionary superstar. it gets complicated when you are drawing for and against your opponent. and he is a worthy one
 one of his friends has a Christmas time birthday and her favorite color is purple so we hunted down for this stack and wrap. mission accomplished
the beauty of being a list maker and being married to a man who will not get out of the kitchen is that he will use the ingredients for the above to make completely different dishes (that admittedly are better than mine;) I won't complain. while he was training little c to be his soux chef, I was reading.

I've made some strategic writing plans for 2015 but am holding off on their execution so as to get in a bunch of holidaying time.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

snow day turns into snow week

well snow day turned into snow week and it wasn't the horror i expected. the kids and i had the week off in which to plug in the annual prospera sledding/snowboarding trek, homemade cocoa, a bit of work from home, and plenty of outside play alternating with everyone on their own piece of technology vegging the day away.
and the week ended with a miracle road snow melt just in time to be a part of a fundraiser for a family dear to my heart.
and now rest day continues -- always the perfect ending to every weekend.

new tagline to the top right of the blog disclaimer: my friends and readers will be suprised to know i am no longer a coffee drinker. i've been getting used to my newly found lifestyle restrictions, but taking it out of my diet seems to be working for me (along with another list of things i love -- citrus fruits, wine tipped cigarillos (i know, ridiculous -- but they go well with the occasional wine pairing ;), and milk. it's been an easy adjustment, surprisingly. i'm ascribing that to the relief of "something helps me feel better" and that i didn't dare break in the coffee machine no one seems to use at work ;)

you know i had to find a replacement crutch (something to write and read beside) and i have -- chai tea with vanilla rice milk. if you have delish coffee alternatives i'd love to hear them.

Monday, January 16, 2012

assorted crafting to learn and relax

amid the socializing and resting that was the weekend, i did some more writing planning and a quickie-craft -- shadowbox do-over. the results sit on my family pictures plate rail.
right up there with smiling at sleeping children, is coming across their "teach the adults something" sunday school art. comics and verses scribed, they touch my heart in a new way.
it's another day job, after school sports running, trying not to panic about impending snow day.

see my previous crafty ode to the frugal source of "have a glass with dinner" in the background

it'll make a good story if nothing else ;)

Sunday, January 08, 2012

a few games of urban myth. (one of the middle schooler's Christmas gifts we told him we had to properly learn with our friends last night so we could best play with him today ;) so i owed the kids a few games today (and d owed me making lunch so as to avoid having to play all those rounds ;) it worked for everyone.

it's rest day so i continues to be reading and listmaking and hanging out as a family post church.

you know i'm all over it.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

focusing on the blessings that fit into surprisingly small frames

i was in church this morning.

singing a song so familar it is easy to sing on automatic pilot

when i remembered it was a favorite of my mother's.

during long sit still services, as a little kid, i played with her rings and rubbed the tips of her shaped fingernails non-stop.

which as a mom, i think of and give her kudos for.

i am tempted to do silent "talk to the hand" when trying to do the everyone sit still, every sunday ;) in fact i'm sure i have.

once they run off to sunday school and i celebrate surviving with coffee, i have a little more breathing room to enjoy them. (similar to watching them sleep, and wearing my favorite bracelet, and scrapbooking memories with them -- all the sweet smiles minus the naughty bits) it's probably why parents grow up and become grandparents and only remember

the sweetness and successful bits. ;)

it was a weekend punctuated heavily with playdates.

the shuffle of trading one kid for another meant the number in the house wasn't down, but the entertaining sure was.

so a few more pages got read, plans got made, coffee was had.

tommorow is a early wake up call for the day job

but the writing notebook is standing near by.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

weekend like you mean it

my 25cent score of the week -- little shelf the exact color of d's smokeroom -- love when things match from one room to another for rearranging purposes. i am slowly killing the orchid but have plenty of fakes to replace it when the time comes

the weekend has sped full force by
3 kids at different venues friday night (the kind where you have to leave a dinner party in full swing to do teen pick-up -- but then return for more fun him in tow) exactly why i would finish our basement if nothing else -- to have a place to stash the kids during our entertaining. ;)
saturday that started with pics of the boys at my favorite park with this great photographer (fellow mom of three boys so she didn't get rattled at the mayhem of it all) the last photo session we did of "just the boys" only included the oldest two and was 9 years ago so it was about time
then speed shopping with my blond sister
BLTs with the family (organic family grown produce -- i produce 1 small tomato for every 20 of d's dad's + maple bacon on marbled cheese bread -- the kind of pairing you could have a stack of. (if you weren't fighting off the rest of the family ;)
7 year old birthday partying with little's c's bestie
and then a chill night where d cooked in exchange for my starbucks run.
i'll be plotting next week's writing schedule around my reads today. rest equals reading here

Sunday, August 07, 2011

plenty of sunshine and the potato in a few forms

it's sunday post church and post sun delighting, so you know d is whipping up culinary delights (double deep fried hand cut potato wedges + corn on the cob) and i am reading everything in sight. (wrapped up the pact and continued on hungry for life) tommorow AM's writing plans begin.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

everyone in charge of their own whirlwind


i am convinced that a true measure of love is hearing d lead little c away from my room with a "leave mom alone, she's having a nap." while i am laying in bed reading in the middle of the afternoon.

it reminded me of this.

and made me tres petit sentimental.

it's not my traditional writing day so i am tucking away the storylines that come to me for tommorow. for now i am wandering around in a messy house looking for the next thing to read.


the middlest is not aware of the irony of his room. he doesn't have time to look into it, having moved on from this am's paper knife making to sewing a cape in the living room to making homemade donuts. and yes, leaving a messy little trail behind himself. lucky for him, i am too wrapped up in reading, writing, and kitchen wreath making to care. it'll catch up with us later

Sunday, July 03, 2011

summer day recipe, take another book off the stack and stir

in the middle of a "how not to parent teenagers" manual that i am loving. (thank u, church library for hip practical read {if i sound suprised it's because of the dated front cover ;}) finished the first half on the deck, the second bit watching little c run around the nearby spray park, and finishing up the rest with my feet up.

not checking into the weather forecast in case it has something to say i don't like. i'm going to go ahead and look forward to more long sunny days like this one, writing, stepping over kiddie strewn craft supplies, and coralling the cat when he escapes outside through the perpetually left open door.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

hallmark has nothing on little c

who else could whip up a father's day card equal parts hysterically funny and tearjerkingly sweet?

it is good that he has such gifts

because they offset the six year old tantrums that he is also occasionally gifted with

in a similarly mind wiping way, d and i finished up our uninterrupted movie au deux to discover little c and the middlest mid chess game (little c is so intrigued with the game he is likely to walk up to old men in starbucks and suggest game strategy, which while embarrassing is also very line 1 above)

you really can't properly have one without the other.

less than 12 hours til the next writing session. (i might be forced to address the weird life stage in which one realizes she is the mother of a teenager writing exams. i'm sure her delusions of teenagehood being a mere second ago will make for good entertainment for others. it's all about the common good after all ;)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

sometimes resting is a discipline unto itself

some summer weather -- finally!

makes up for having to hold my garage sale in the rain last weekend

i am an irish tanner so you know a school waterslides day, tree farming, and a beach day added up to a little bit of pink ;)

and my cupboards got only dribs and drabs done on them

because i am not about to waste the vitamin D opportunity

a night out with d yesterday and a late afternoon nap today means the kids have had plenty of opportunity to grow piles of mess in my absence. which makes for both words and stuff to put into place. trying to read and take cute pictures of the cat and make the most of rest day while it's here which means i am taking every stacking short-cut known to woman ;)

it'll still be there tommorow.

less than 12 hours til my next writing appointment with myself.

i can't wait.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

a few pink lace flowers and some kid made pottery

it's the weekend. the house isn't ready for any kind of company. we're all in our pjs and i'm working on the project du jour. a maxi dress. love them but being a short girl, it's best if i tailor my own to me so it's not too swimmy. i've decided against a tutorial as my steps so far have included destroying 2 cotton shifts and 1 skirt and piecing them together multiple ways, and sewing on embellishments before the actual piecing together. it's all a bit random, but i plan to keep at it until it's wearable. maybe to wear here in the coming weeks.

before the boys vacate the living area to their respective bedrooms, (enter hand stitching dress time + movie with d) i'll be puttering around the house arranging things like the new gr 8 art class pottery mother's day gift on the mantel and my mini plant with the cocktail swinging inn sign. i've already broke the news that dinner tonight is cheerios. (i'm good at rest day) ;)

12 hours til the next writing session...

if you're looking for something honest and helpful on marriage click this blogger's post

Monday, May 09, 2011

labor love balance

scenes from a weekend: roses from a lovely secret pal, art installation little c called his tree house, message from the counter while doing dishes -- the water spots made this exact configuration when i lifted up the crockpot, lego building -- this set from Christmas was finally built

i spent the bulk of this weekend with my mom at one of those spiritual retreats where you do a lot of crying and hone the vision of how you really want to live your life out. (more big picture, less fleeting stuff) it was great. (once i clued in not to wear mascara the second day ;)

also part of the weekend was appys and wine with good friends, mother's day celebrating with family, lunch made by d, those made at school mother's day cards from the boys. working more on the library upstairs. love all that stuff.

as enamored with working from home as i am (and how it fits with the above) you know i am also intrigued by pre-retirement living (which is not what it first sounds like -- to sit on one's laurels early -- but to get the balance right and work to live, not live to work) one of the featured profiled guys had this to say:

What does Pretirement mean to you?

To “work on living not living to work”

How are you living Pretirement?
It’s definitely all about lifestyle. I have a very flexible work schedule, with only a few months in the winter when I am really busy. The great thing is that what I call “work” most people would consider recreation. I work for a small boutique style heliskiing company doing all the sales, marketing, advertising, branding and media. To me it’s not work. My heart is so far into it that I get excited everyday about something that is going on in the business. If we skied all year round I would probably become a work-a-holic but even in the busy season I still have breakfast with my kids, pick them up for lunch and take a day off each week to ski in the winter or dirtbike in the summer. I make my own hours and pretty much come and go as I please, but I still “make it happen!”. I was Mica’s first employee hired by the owner the first year he started the business. Now Mica Heliskiing is the leader in boutique small group heliskiing, known world over as the best skiing on the planet. SKIING Magazine awarded Mica “Best heliskiing” in their annual ‘best of’ resort guide for 2011. This is a big accolade for a small company who is only 2.5% marketshare. (toot toot, plug LOL).

What was your life like before Pretirement?
Stressful! Busy busy busy, never home always traveling, all work and little play. Not much time for the family and a lot of stress trying to pay bills, get the nicer car and the better house..high pressure jobs, never comfortable…it was a rat race and I was sick of being a rat. Too much uncertainty when you work for companies, the only security, financially and mentally for me is to be my own boss.

What are your Pretirement plans for 2011?
More of the same! A lot of family time, camping, traveling, dirtbiking, friends, food wine & living the dream!

What is your key piece of advice to anyone considering Pretirement?
Go for it! Just do it…take a chance! Don’t be fooled by this materialistic world we live in, you can work less and live more, simplify, downsize and create your own priorities. Get a life now, why wait until its almost over to retire?

if you're looking for kitchen inspiration this week, this may be my favorite over-haul i've read about to date

Sunday, February 06, 2011

love. it's meant to be shared

mr B better have his valentine's day game going on because little c has his valentine's day strategy all worked out ;) he found some stuff he wanted to buy for his much loved teacher mrs B and was more than a little discouraged to hear $150 was not in the budget for his planned expenditures. so he made her a card instead. i get his excitement. i am so pysched for the ♥ day celebrating myself. (and you know i love my oversized poster card from little c even if he made it with my favorite red nailpolish ;) such holidays are the cherries on top of life.

on a more serious note, not all of life is fun and games. and even a child a bit older than little c gets that.

tonight i watched CNN's selling the girl next door with my older boys (13 and 10) about how many runaways land up being trafficked. a 13 year old girl was on and was talking about being with multiple men a day and she looked like such a baby still, round cheeks and ringlets and all. it made me angry. and my 13 year old was so shocked & sad that she was talking about it so detached like it was just a fact of life and not a big deal. i explained to him that it was a fact in her life and that sort of thing would necessitate one to stop feeling to survive it and he got that. i think every time we make one more person aware we help to turn the tide, one of those kids at a time. love this girl's blog (caution: not for the faint of heart) for her perspective on damaged childhood.

my challenge to all my fellow mommies who get excited at the thought of picking up class valentines or baking cupcakes or buying tee shirts to celebrate the holiday to keep your eye out every day for kids who do not have that same fuzzy childhood experience as yours and to bless them in little ways -- ideas that get put on your heart. sometimes we get quick or far away glimpses of such things and even if we feel helpless in distance or number of such hurting kids, we can pray for them when they come to mind.

life is blessed, but even more so when we step outside of our own concerns (both big and small) and see the whole hurting world picture and do something about it. it's what we're supposed to be doing.

the weekend's 12 hour countdown to writing time is on

Sunday, January 30, 2011

eats and frocks on weekend shifts

i may be addicted to sewing up little shiny dresses. give me a bit of saturday to myself (in which the oldest is off snowboarding & the youngest two are at their gymnastics lessons) and i may run over to the fabric store (originally looking for plaid taffeta a la RL) they didn't have it. so i bought 1 metre of clearance pink taffeta instead and spent the afternoon sewing every inch of it into something cute to wear for valentine's.

i love gifts that come in coolers. a friend this last week gave us some butcher paper wrapped cow goodness so that turned into a big mess of dishes that were amazing and were scarfed down a la famille in front of the food network (chopped -- our fave -- mine in particular because entertaining with good food is often using what you have on hand to make interesting well presented dishes and the chopped chefs are challenged with the weirdest combos which i can identify with once home from the store with a random assortment of ingredients)

it turns out that little c is further meal planning. the best trick i've found to keep him sitting relatively still through an hour + of sunday service is he and i taking turns drawing food into boxes (a la webkinz) he loves it. if i put it on the fridge afterward it looks like we're planning ahead ;) a bit optimistically i might add
i am mid rest day but tommorow's early morning session promises to have a whole bunch of storylines to follow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

enjoying the aftermath

it's sunday

and something greasy (roasted potatoes with chopped chives and turkey sausages) is cooking in the oven for late brunch. i'm back from attending a church different than my own for my little cadet's cadet sunday (where they march in with flags in their matching shirts and do a dramatic reading from scripture (based on james 3) that convicts all the grownups of the room where the life we are meaning to lead is not measuring up to the one we are leading and to stay there (the latter) is to settle. i took a lot of notes on the message that followed. listening makes me connect ideas and the way i process is always to write them down. i took some to share on HJ. (also i took notes because as i confessed to my women's group this past thursday, if i do not my brain will wander and inadvertently start planning the next kiddie birthday party or something of equal frivolity ;))
my house is messy because we had some friends over last night. the appys were scattered on tables throughout the mingling house, the kids were driving into our socializing feet with remote controls, and black silly putty may have been confiscated. it was late. dishes are now everywhere. and i wouldn't have it any other way. i ♥ entertaining. (which is just a one word way to say collect your friends into a few adjoining rooms, add delicious food and drink, and let their stories flow. even better than novel reading, i tell you)

in a bid to stay relaxed in the midst of house chaos i took pics of the things that are put together (if i zoom in close enough ;) that make my eyes smile. (my family frame that includes pics of d as a little, d and i as fledgling grownups back in the day, one of him on the couch in our single wide with our first baby, my grandparents, and my dad when he was a baby which has doubled as the cover for mother mexico, little c's leftover bedtime snack, the cutie yellow shoes i can't wait to wear this spring, and my newest giltly acquistion -- shiny and 25 cents -- the best kind of find)

happy rest day to you. take God up on it.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

of spring rolls and magazines

did i mention my new obsession with wontons and spring rolls? little c and i will fold these babies forever -- putting whatever is on hand (today's are julienned romaine, red onion, and green pepper; new year's were venison and matchstick radish) in them. the key is the envelope fold and wiping the baking sheets down with a little oil to bake and brown them in.

given that i'm in rest mode, i have a notebook and a big stack of reading on the go.
writing to commence in 16 hours.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

in which the littlest gets resentful of older brother perks

the boys have a paper route
with which little c helps an extremely limited amount. i think the ratio is 4:144
regardless, his older brothers keep him in club penguin memberships for his troubles and when tipped on their route, make sure he gets something to spend at the dollar store too.
when this sweet family moved out of the route catchment, they charmingly tipped the whole family.
but that's not to say it's their fault for raising his expectations ;)
while the olders were scribing their recent thank you notes, little c wanted his own card.
he chose it carefully
i looked over to see him drawing a beautiful ornament to fill with his chosen message
it turns out to be a good thing he doesn't have access to mailing addresses.
we might get fired
i thought i'd give you a peek before it is tucked far into the recycling bin (because even with the "h" word on it, throwing paper in the garbage can is just plain wrong ;) and he gets a talking to on kind word procotcol.
better finish the rest of dinner and serve the family so we can get on with sunday night (watching a movie during which the middle schooler will attempt to make everyone jealous by wearing his new snuggi ;)
half a day til writing commences post weekend (what little results -- maybe the family will sleep in and allow for more. one can hope...)