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Saturday, December 21, 2013

books, crafts, snow, and other holiday delights

 shot of dresser taken from bed to let you know about the lazy holiday state of affairs (currently reading this great book. notice my latest easy peasy craft: abandoned picture frame spray painted pewter glass and all and fitted with a piece of trimmed printed burlap -- all it needed was glue stick to hold it together and a plate stand to place it on)
 the cat holding court in the kitchen. ribboned boards beside him are waiting for our newly printed family pictures
 my attempts to capture night time snow play. I wised up after a few minutes and left them to their own devices -- more reading time for me ;)
my holiday decorating style is to use the things I already use day to day. grouping the red feels festive. little c contributed the sparkled house -- his holiday craft to replicate all those cute snowy houses you see in cloches everywhere -- 25 cent ceramic house covered again in glue stick and glitter.
Merry Christmas from our home to yours. photography credit goes to Velvet Moon Photography. design credits to sister made designs. thrilled with both.

Monday, March 18, 2013

putting 4 springs of fake greenery in a pot and other things that pass as crafts

 a perfect girls night in (with a touch of crazy cat lady)
 the best kind of herbs to grow in your kitchen -- ok real ones would be nice, but then I would kill them ;)
 killer bowler documented. on another scrapbooking frenzy... the dining room is half laundry station half paper scrap storage
have been plunking around on the piano again. the kids playing their instruments. (littlest c is just back from fiddle camp where he did his celtic roots proud) and he and the middlest have been swapping up instruments (fiddle to electric guitar) to fair results. making me think I might pursue teaching them piano more aggressively. (as is actually getting around to it -- not tiger-mothering them) we'll see. a bit of writing took place at fiddle camp. now to get it organized.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

speed reading on a slo mo weekend

it's been a comfort food (homemade hashbrowns, broccoli and cheddar quiche, pork stirfry d&m collaboration), cold meds, stacks of reading weekend.
i've quite enjoyed it.
still reeling with excitement at one of my bestie's engagement news. dying to ask her what color the bridesmaid dresses are going to be (how can u tell it'll be my first time? ;) but i thought i would be considerate and wait til i'm told. i'm sure she has slightly bigger picture items in mind currently. like spending the rest of her life with the one she loves etc.etc ;)
you can tell by my documenting the cat making a fort in the closet just how chill the weekend has been.
little c got his wiggles out in his saturday gymnastic class so i'm hoping that will translate into an early bedtime.
 my favorite girlie lunch bag next to the candy d's been popping
i'm off to pour a couple of glasses of red for d and my movie night at home. enjoy yours :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

back to back goodness

the cat is engaging in the lazy days of summer. as are we all. a day off today that consisted of a morning starbucks date (thanks leanne), followed by an afternoon cherries and diet pepsi date (thanks clarinda), followed by sitting in a friend's backyard watching the kids play in the pool (thanks charlene) one of those fabulous days when spur of the moment plans back each other up all fun like.

the middleschooler is newly obsessed with lattes. he made his own syrup yesterday (make your own: 3/4 c white sugar, 1 c water, 2 tsp spices, 1 tsp vanilla -- boil, turn to min and simmer and stir until thick, cool, store in washed out wine bottle in the fridge) and is frothing milk to accompany nearly every meal and snack. hopefully he loses interest before my espresso maker does ;)

my friday night date consisted of bbq venison chops a la D (i'm getting lazy about vegetable making and am simply opening the mixed green salad box every night to accompany the meat and potatoes) followed by an ice cream run (bribing the boys with said "i scream" run made for a very clean kitchen) and a magazine stack read through.

today's writing was good flowing but ultra short. maybe a little something more tommorow...

Sunday, June 05, 2011

sometimes resting is a discipline unto itself

some summer weather -- finally!

makes up for having to hold my garage sale in the rain last weekend

i am an irish tanner so you know a school waterslides day, tree farming, and a beach day added up to a little bit of pink ;)

and my cupboards got only dribs and drabs done on them

because i am not about to waste the vitamin D opportunity

a night out with d yesterday and a late afternoon nap today means the kids have had plenty of opportunity to grow piles of mess in my absence. which makes for both words and stuff to put into place. trying to read and take cute pictures of the cat and make the most of rest day while it's here which means i am taking every stacking short-cut known to woman ;)

it'll still be there tommorow.

less than 12 hours til my next writing appointment with myself.

i can't wait.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

things that make me laugh in the night

nothing bumps up the night-time tuck in rounds like a few funnies thrown in. the cool dude balloon was cute (more of little c's gallery in the background), but what really sent me running for the camera was how the middlest and le chat were chillaxing pre bed made. middlest had his earphones in but he and smokey both turned their heads the same angle to check out mom coming in.

more notebook jotting today.

i better not read any more magazines for a bit b/c my bulletin boards can't take anymore ripped out inspiration ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

lovey paper pieces on hastily refinished furniture

i am in love with the new whiskas commercial because smokey is our family's baby like that. it's ok. you can laugh. we will not be shamed ;)

i am debating throwing a collage on a new novel contributing notebook so the creative juice doesn't solely flow into the kiddie's scrapbooks and the furniture redoing i can't seem to get enough of. (you know i like efficiency so the scrapbook pages are likely whipped up with pictures inserted later -- you think it won't work but it does -- see snowboarding page for example -- free yourself from the alignment of pictures prints and supplies and time handy -- just do it out of order and be done with it)
note: "the wanted-- high scores" layout uses my junk mail letter sourcing technique -- a rant against the dangers of type II diabetes has never looked so good ;)

and the drybrushed to antique table and it's color matched but solid glossy sister (because i'm not a fan of matchy-matchy) were done with a custom acrylic paint blend -- basically black and brown, but blend sounds better, don't you think? ;) super fast paint jobs hurried up by the realization that my blond sister and i both had the day off and my kids were in school so we had time for a costco run and a gym visit before glossing the tables with a varathane and setting out the after school snacks (or letting the kids forage for food whatever the case actually was ;)
middlest is still writing poems which means i haven't yet run out of snacks

looking forward to another movie night, a day of rest, and then one of the mondays i love to follow that. it may be predictable, but it's our predictable.

Monday, November 08, 2010

the crafting to relax continues

up now. the creepy cat lady ring
saw a large framed bee ring when online window shopping a while back and thought i'd recreate it. it's not for everyone, but i super ♥ it

steps for the interested:

1. acquire lightweight wire, ring base, and curved washer, and clear liquid glue
2. wire washer to ring base, press wire on top to as flush with washer bed as possible
3. turn ring over and trace a circle out of paper design (mine was a toilet paper ad cat)
4. cut out and trim to fit
5. glue in and cover entire washer surface with thick glue layer
6. let dry (set in candle base and leave for the day)
7. wear with the rest of your big bling
anyone who sees a future in non-paying hand modeling, contact me to apply. i am so not cut out for it ;)
wrote in a parking lot while waiting for the kids today. survived parent teacher conferences and my monday to do list. it's pm and i have more words waiting to come out. good thing i recharged with the upcycling ringmaking

Upcycling - (verb) the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

Monday, November 01, 2010

undercover granny

it must be this cozy little season and the bustle of it, but i've been logging some serious granny time. mending, sewing new Christmas stockings and new duds to wear. it's been relaxing.

and we all know the fall months' hustle could use some of that.

i'm bribing myself and my girlfriends with a trip into the city when November wraps up.

before then i'll be writing (found a title for the short story collection -- woo hoo!), working, crafting, and taking pictures of my cat. (it's hard not to when he walks around in a tie on his days' off ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

this is why we can't make our beds

the cat
he thinks they're all his
i thought it was about him lounging around on top of them when i am going around and doing bed making duty (ok, as if i do that, but if i did, it would prevent it ;)
but when i got up this morning, i realized that he is also all about tucking himself in the end of the bed too.
good thing d is sleeping in here and doesn't realize i am documenting our messy beds.

it's only because i am thankful for them
and all the family goodness that thanksgiving weekend is
and the sort of sunday breakfasts (milk and cookies, anyone?) that get kids roused for church with minimal fuss.

real life. it's the best.
lots of reading and note taking going on. writing to commence in 60 hours
speaking of counting blessings, read this touching post from haiti and add more of the world to your prayers tonight.

Friday, August 06, 2010

be as nice to yourself as you are to others

remember when attempting dual handstands in the pool was the hardest part of summer? love the kids chill take on the season and it definitely rubs off on me.
started today with one of my favorite motivators -- an accomplished this list (the opposite of to-do -- simply list the things you have accomplished as you do them, noting them in past tense -- then when you are floundering and beating yourself up for getting less than everything done later, you can chill with your list and short circuit the flagellation)
i am a sucker for words of affirmation so it's basically like patting myself on the back all day long. (hey, my cat isn't the only emotionally needy one ;)

little c gave me some writing time (both scene scribing and outline fleshing) while he was recreating club penguin's pizzatron 3000 in our kitchen. i'm officially on fire.

so i'm ok with taking a break to enter the etsy shopgirl okiobdesigns giveaway. lots of shabby chic goodness. you can too. find it here.
ok and then after i was browsing food sites and came across this that i now want really badly! it might have to be single portion b/c i don't think i'll be able to sell it to the family

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

do what we did, only smarter

it's over and it was nothing like i thought it would be. it was more {which for a writer equals more fodder so it's all good}
i was a little worried about the two sisters and three boys roadtrip approaching (evident by increased bear and tent and car nightmares) my sister, it turns out, had nightmares of me insisting on taking my beloved indoor cat to the land of wild animals which i apparently told her nonchalently and arrogantly "would be fine". ha ha

you might know this already, but it is not a good idea to let your local squeegee man double as your mechanic. i was buying some late night gas the night before take-off and he was on shift and noticed my driver's side windshield wiper was a little loose. very confidently and without consultation, he ripped it off and told me, "you will be better without it" to which i responded, "oh, good because i am driving out to alberta tommorow" to which he looked slightly less confident, but i didn't dwell on it.

well, it turned out our trip included some amazing road downpours and out of this world lightening (which i tried to demand my sister photograph to show d who is a big fan, but she was having none of it) we also took a wrong exit returning home and got back to the correct highway the high way via construction cone line (very carefully) later finding out that a huge fatal accident happened that exact way in that exact spot a day earlier (note to reader mom: but we are ok :) and pulled over on the way to edmonton for a bit to take a picture for the blog and while we were rest stopping, the few cars that came shortly after got in an accident. so yes, so thankful that God does not have to listen to prayers one at a time or i would have been hogging serious airtime. ;)
as for the shopping fluff (it is hard to pretend sageness when your vacation destination is a mall ;)

in the weeks leading up to our roadtrip to the biggest mall in canada, i was tucking spare dollars into critical envelopes labelled gas, camping, dinner as my little sister was planning her soon to be had new wardrobe. she kept asking me what my clothes shopping budget looked like and because i didn't want to scare her, i pretended not to have counted (in truth, that lone twenty in the envelope was pretty insta-count ;) it's not that i don't love pretty things. but i wanted to do the experience (getting there, camping, waterslides, amusement park, giving the kids the opportunity to blitz their birthday $/paper route earnings, keeping us all fed {notice i did not make a reference to actual nutrition -- pretty sure we might need fruit and vegetable juice via IV this week to catch up -- at least little c got his apples and carrots in to be able to sugar process the junk he also indulged in} ) before the loot.

and it worked. she bought her stack of newbies, logging a couple of shopping sessions while i pretended to be enthralled with the arcade (the boys really were enthralled and did not see the irony of spending many dollars to earn things they could have bought straight across at the dollar store [which is where i scored my new ear candy -- love them!] and we spent the rest of the time doing stuff (checking out the sea lion show and the lemur house, watersliding, catching a mid-day showing of ramona and beezus, riding rollercoasters (mini c) and fun house running (the other two) and eating enough McDs to purchase stock)

the only must shop stop i had on the list was anthropologie which all my american bloggy sisters kept raving about and wearing. the wem has the only one in canada although the shopgirl said one is expected in BC in the next couple of years (insert woo-hoo) love the vintage girlie girl asthetic -- so i am forever grateful to my little sister for holding the boys hostage outside of the store (mostly so i didn't have to purchase any broken $48 cups) so i could whirl around their salesroom and come out with a purse. (and i thought i was going to have to settle for a hand soap ;) she also sourced my new favorite ring at forever 21 which looks suspiciously like the betsy johnson one i was saving up for but at 10% of the price. (and which i am sure is going to help the writing process -- look how well it helps me click the mouse ;)

if 12 hour one way drives are your thing, and you have a grandma willing to do her grandsons' paper route and then are ok with returning to do the next issue's within the hour of returning home, i'd highly recommend it.

just don't go with my mechanic
thrifty chick shopping breakdown
purse, anthropologie, retail 39.99, on sale for 9.99
earrings, dollarama $2
ring, forever 21, $4.80

Monday, July 12, 2010

i am looking forward to some quiet time

i think the cat is too
look how still he will lay to ensure little c does not wake up once he's out
i am similarly careful
as are r,c, and d

in the before bedtime meantime i am assembling loot bags with the excited birthday-boy-to-be
and have talked him into cleaning his room
what, do you think, are the chances of him getting distracted in the task enough that i can sit in the corner and write?
well, there. you're more optimistic than i. ;)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

and here we are

fab night with my sisters watching girlie movies back to back and now i am up to blog and read in the middle of the night. (could have been the caffeine or the sugar ;) my counter redo is on the go (no, i am not crazy enough to do that at this hour) it's looking great, but not the speedy project i pictured (from my place of denial)

while i am trying not to panic at the thought of unusable counter tops for the next week or so (still denial, i know ;), i am planning my backyard space again -- post great afternoon tea with my friend jen the other day (who shares my desperately uncool love for gardening and food & wine mags), i am all pysched to do my gardening a la containers this year (think big oversized baskets -- hopefully will be all accomplished and picture ready soon) so i can sit and sketch stories instead

so you know i am all over this giveaway. couldn't we all use some of these?
another picture for his coffee table book. our sheltered indoor cat thinks the good life is sitting in the window hoping for a little breeze from the outside world.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

wednesday in writing flux

blog reading is really saving my magazine budget. usually i am a tremendous accumulator (but then share them with friends so i don't run the risk of being featured on hoarders ;) right now i even have a huge stack of gifted ones i haven't got around to yet -- can u imagine? it doesn't help that i read about a measly 1/3 of one before crashing into deep fabulous sleep (must be the soccer)
i doubt i look as cute with my fist wrapped around it while sleeping as my middle guy did with his sleeping death grip on his WWE action figures in bed last night. thought about snapping a pic, but couldn't mentally place my camera and it was a bit too close to my own bedtime.

it's so allergy season again -- i'm blaming the pollen, d thinks it might be the cat sleeping between us. but really, who can resist this cutie. little c wasn't successful either. (and once i stock up on my costco sized allergy meds it'll be a non-issue.)

off to write a bit more on the novel (it's a messy back and forth between it and my short stories this last while -- hard to know which way to go)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

le petit posh chat

post breaded chicken burger on garlic bread supper and it's a toss up between reading on the exercise bike or writing all sedentary like. it could go either way. {add to the mix d wanting to watch a movie sans kiddies and it might mean the productive part of the day is over} if only tucking in the kids burned more calories ;)

speaking of tucking in, the cat (who is so part of the family the middle one came home and said he needed a family picture with the cat because he had included him in his french paper on family -- the other brother argued that he really should have been listed as frere instead of chat because that's how we all think of him) . good thing we had this one ;) so it's only fair he should have a worthy family member bed (something four poster, perhaps?) i had been thinking about this project since i came across it. smokey's version has a drawer underneath for his favorite cat toys. all it needs now are some finials to finish the top of the posts in style.

steps for the interested:

1. flip a suitable side table
2. unscrew the drawer and gliders and remove
3. paint
4. make a raised cardboard platform for the drawer to sit in the opposite way
5. secure bedding
6. rearrange cat on bed a million times until he is exhausted and poses for picture