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Thursday, August 12, 2010

i have to stop reading books about people with nannies

because they're making me want one.
but only from about 7:30-9 pm
perhaps to supervise dinner clean-up and barricade the tv so more time isn't logged and break the news that summer doesn't mean keeping the same waking hours as your parents
because, frankly, i'm a little sick of it.

it's now 10:04 pm and i think i have shrieked "get to bed" enough times for it to really stick and i get to hang out with d and then get up early tommorow to finally get to some business copywriting and editing i really cannot put off any longer.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

avoiding adding FB addiction to the list

my characters are waiting and my to do list is long, but not so long apparently, that i can't take time out to check whether I'm in Facebook too deep ;) all my friends know that to reach me it makes more sense to email or message me than phone if they want to get in touch fast

reasons i'm not a fan of the phone: can't answer it on your own time
2. if you try to, checking messages is annoying
3. i feel bad screening when i don't have time to answer
4. the kids have a built in magnet for when i pick it up and rush over from whatever they've been occupied with to try and talk to me at the same time
5. the requirement to provide small talk upon answering

i like to compartmentalize. writing or problem solving or what have you one at a time. the switch hitting from activities means it looks like multitasking, but it's probably not. it's short spurts of focus that escaped me as a daydreamy kid (and why when i have had people recommend medication for my wild unfocused boys -- usually around preschool to early elementary, i just laugh {and then avoid said people ;) } the channeling of that energy is the stuff that powers novels and big ideas and fast focused work.

so it's either a quick message or social face to face time for me
that coupled with running a FB venture makes me wonder about my usage from time to time. but apparently according to this highly scientific set of guidelines, i am in the clear. ;)

my soccer team has another day of playoff action tommorow. ♥ these girls. it's gone beyond meeting at the field for exercise to supporting everyone's strengths as a team and sending mass mushy notes to each other at work. it reminds me of grade school friendships -- just mutual admiration and i can't wait to see them. so it won't surprise you if we try and think of ways to extend our playtime together. year round, anyone? ;)

the last day of school for the kids -- i think i have the summer mapped out as best i can. make way for sun and sand and lazy days with work thrown in.

Monday, June 21, 2010

monday night aha moment

love coarse sea salt. it makes me feel like i'm cooking even if it's scrambled eggs and bacon in the microwave ;) {which was exactly what dinner was since d wasn't home for it ;) poor kids -- they are way too compliant ;) }

so i told u a while ago that i was having a mid year angst rethink about the direction my 2010 fiction was taking.

here's the story.

i've been working on a novel that weaves together multiple lives (you know the kind where chapters are about one person, and then the next one is about the one who lives next door...etc) it was going well.

and then i got the big idea to submit individual pieces of the chapters to lit journals and meandered into a whole lot of characters who don't have a thing to do with the book so wrote those to stand alone. and then starting creating art to accompany those stories. so now i'm half way through a year of that and realizing the lit journals (most of them attached to universities or employing slave labour reading interns or the like) will not be reading submissions over the summer.

suddenly it seems like a good time to go back to the real work of the book's characters.

so i now have 3 projects on the go and am utilizing the bulk of my brainspace in how to sort them out around the paying work.

and then i realized.

why do i apply the must get entire vision done during the calendar year to myself?
i have work i like, time to write, house i love to putter in.
i like my life as is.
meandering directions and all.

so if i could get off my own back about it,

maybe i could pen a little on the beach and have something to show you later on this year.

no pressure at all ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

sharpen your pencils, it's monday

the work week cycle, with the sunday day of rest, makes monday the first day of school after a fabulous summer break. my AM obliged. business writing draft II off for client to puruse and kids off to school so i can organize my house and do something with that new fiction project. perhaps some crafts too, if the day allows.

so pysched to be waiting on mail a la cath kidston. you know it's going to be good when even the confirmation email looks this cute.

it must be summer approaching -- the kids are getting better at keeping themselves busy. i'm anticipating the kiddie pantry needing some more work after school and the in house newspaper (the two youngest's -- they are also drafting ads for things more glamorous than i do -- rollercoasters and the like ;) the dusty portfolio (mine -- tried not to angst as work from the last two years was emptied on the floor yesterday because they needed it) and previously purchased costume glasses (but ones little c feels are a necessity for his literary alter ego) are getting used well.
10 pm post script: loved this interview from the discussion of kindle {a lesser version of the paper variety} to the keeping of starkly mad hours, to the quote "i don't go to books for sex, i go home for sex." exactly.