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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

ok, it wasn't as terrifying as i thought it'd be ;)

none of my friends seemed to think i'd run out of things to say before my hour was up (in fact, they were laughing that i thought i might) but secretly i was.
not to worry. the chwk chapter of M.O.M.S (mentoring of moms society) were a gracious audience (lots of participation and the best goodies to snack on) i tried to recruit a few more bloggers to the blogosphere and talked about the usual subjects of my articles : life/work/dreams and balancing them all.

Friday, May 29, 2009

a festival, 2 articles on working motherhood, and excuses for hitting the beach

This week I interviewed the general manager of the Harrison Arts Festival for the paper which got me tres pysched for the annual event. (their 31st this year) It's always a great spot to buy funky jewelry, original art, a tiedyed baby tee, and take in great bands while sitting on the beach. don't miss out make it part of your summer plans.

my newest articles for are up.
one about how to go about making your work more family friendly
the other about updating your resume and looking for the job you really want (chasing the dream) even in the midst of raising the kidlets (and feeling time shortaged already) -- this one featuring quotes by local working mothers who've done just that -- my fab editor jessica murdy and friend ett vandereyk.

i'm blaming this next stretch before summer vacation begins with its tempting weather, garden to weed, class fieldtrips to attend, and parties to plan for the slow down in writing. i'm writing down something small this morning so i don't feel guilty for hitting the beach later