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Saturday, March 23, 2013

weekend puttering and other joys

 little c's $ stash. he dipped deep into it today to buy his starter garden seeds.
 boys 2 and 3 garden-ing it up
 while I got crafty with repurposing a favorite wallet that had bit the dust.
steps to faux croc cards for the interested.

1. disassemble wallet, take off foam inside
2. cut heavy card stock into the sizes you want and fold, glue stick heavily on one side and
3. place the glued side onto the faux croc immediately
4. trim around the card edge
- the coin holding card was hand stitched and safety pinned into place.

 love this kind of low maintenance spring beauty
celebrating my mom's bday today. eeking every bit of weekend out. (stack of fluffy reads waiting on my bed between chores. did some thrifting this morning. now that I don't do thrifty chicks shopping co anymore, I always have a box on my dryer ready to be donated. it works out to bring a box, take a box. i'm thinking profit loss is definitely better than risking hoarding. off to write a scene and read a mag.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

those crazy girls who swear off shopping

i've become one of them

a long time ago i borrowed the book animal, vegetable, miracle (about a family who goes a year without shopping) from my soccer friend anne. and it resonated with me (not so much that i was willing to forgo buying everything, including growing all my own food, but still there was something appealing about it -- for the interesting and more everyday aware life it provided) add to that all the bloggers who were tracking their month without spending and i started giving it more thought. so i did it. here's how it went:

1 month no spending. conciousness experiment, savings booster. (allowed -- groceries, gas, necessities and experiences but not STUFF)
day 1: started on the middleschooler's 14th bday, already had his gifts but nothing to wrap them in. settled on sketched on lined paper, turned out cuter than store bought wrap.
day2: finding the hardest expenditures to give up are the little ones -- no mini reno supplies, magazines (even thrift store ones), dollar store makeup
day3: dreamed that i had gone out shopping -- panicked upon waking up (clearly this is deeper seated than i thought ;)
day6:forgot and invited a friend to go thrifting, she couldn't so i avoided trying to get out of it after the mis-invite, having a writing and home renovating surge of creativity (glazed the kitchen cupboards using stain and rags i already had on hand) tackling my magazine obession by reading DIY blogs
day7: surprisingly, the absence of the shopping distraction has spilled over into constructive long term planning and short term bill cutting (brainstormed and reconfigured hundreds of dollars of budget room in only a couple of days) everything from banking fees to digital cable holiday pause. sent e-cards to friends when i thought of them, bartered to get what i wanted.
day8: i've never been a fan of telling the kids when payday is -- like setting them up for a paycheque to paycheque mentality -- so we never have. so they still haven't clued in that we're through week 1 of no spending
day9: yesterday i feigned errands and went to the library by myself and read an hour's worth of new magazines. i also keep having book buying urges so i have pulled out the books i have bought in the past for their acclaim or interesting covers that didn't grab me from first read and am attempting them again with fairly good results
day10: a friend asked what i plan to do without my regular thrifty chicks sourcing. i said i have a bit of a stockpile to rotate through and plan to purge my personal stock as well. started doing some of that for today's listings.
day11: looking through catalogues and magazines usually enables me to write long lists of things that i want to acquire, a third of the way through this experiment, i'm finding i'm less interested in doing the lists. also, delaying gratification has been better for life planning across the board (less impulsive decisions and better thought out ones that are more efficient)
day12: i'm finding the spending i am doing is lifestyle based -- the kind i usually try and cut back. the truth is stuff can be acquired by recycling (today's project was a wreath using supplies i already had on hand, in this month i also tweaked the closet with an old shower rod, and made a new valance out of old curtains)what i have and tweaking hand-me-downs, but spending on doing things and entertaining -- that's where memories are made and abundance is felt.
day14: when talking to friends about books (and keeping in mind my dwindling pile of reads), i thought of joining the quality paperback book club. if i wasn't on the 30day plan, it would be an impulse even though it doesn't line up with my plan to cut down monthly spending committments (lower bills etc). but i usually wouldn't put the two together. on the plus side, i am having a way easier time not throwing in doo-dads, makeup, or magazines into the shopping cart when grocery shopping so the pantry pickings are that much better.
day15: cut flowers on the table beats another knick knack for feel good factor
day16: good for my magazine compulsion, i inherited a few stacks of decor magazines from my aunt. while reading the color for my upstairs library occured to me (a light lemonade) so i painted test strips with blended acrylic and wrote the "buy the paint" date on the calendar. lesson: delaying gratification hones the look you really want. i always pass on the magazines when i am done and my girlfriends do the same.
day18: a friend with a newly reno-ed house gave me her discard can of paint, (she didn't like the way it turned out) a few shades darker than the yellow i had first conceptualized for the library. as i was painting it (not shopping makes more time for house fixing), i realized that same space has been painted with others' discard paint by me two times already -- both times the results were less than i had hoped. third time's the charm.
day19: there are many items i put on my list that i researched with the intent of buying them at month's end, that i land up crossing off. had it not been "no spending month" this month, they probably would have been impulse purchases. lesson: delayed gratification means having a better picture of what i wanted. often that meant something more specific to me or an experience i could treasure longer than the thrill of new stuff.
day20: resurrecting an old promotion for the online store (enter a coffee gift card draw with your donation) means a steady stream of new stock for thrilled customers. also, my reorganizing stock (i had to move it out of the library area in order to paint) and relisting meant older stock un-noticed the first go round also sold.
day24: my book wishlist is growing, (specific ones i've read reviews on) but i haven't run out of reads like i'd feared i would -- friends have lent me good ones and i found ones i have previously bought but not read (i am not a library checker-outer -- i always accrue the giantest of fines that would have been better spent funding the dream library d and i want -- the kind with the tall ladders and too many books to count)
day26: not buying stuff meant filling my time in other ways -- i took the kids to the ocean, a new waterpark, hosted girlfriends and playdates and sleepovers. i also have worn more of my jewelry i had already but had not worn and found new ways to wear outfits i already had but consistently wore the same way.
day30: organized the boys' backpacks, shoes, in house school supplies, and found out where we still have to fill in the blanks. love that we don't have a big shopping tradition as a family -- more time for memories that don't take place in a mall ;)
post script: loved this experience more than i thought i would. more for the efficiency realization (using what i have, saving the shopping time), shopping purposefully, and for spending on experiences a bit more of the time.

(also realized i love the 30 day format and all it's applications -- organization, increased writing, exercise... it gets addicting)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

weekends are made for this

these canadian geese broke up traffic in front of my house the other day

i'm a fan of cute gardening gloves, but can't handle wearing them myself so thankfully little c wanted these so i had an excuse to purchase ;)

the garden, teeny mite that it is, is planted.

the garage sale has been held,

library in progress/thrifty chicks stockroom cleared out. and i am tired.

but the good kind of tired.

and i have no where to be but at home with my boys.

who thankfully have a bunch of library books to keep them busy. little c has been rabidly checking them out (he is obsessed with his self-checkout pin, forgot it the other day and reset it before officially checking out on his own ;)

while movie-nighting with d, i have my writing notebook and another for all the brainstorming i intend to do -- middleschooler's room overhaul, yard sketches, and pantry supplies breeding schemes (am considering properly learning to preserve this year) wish me luck.

any smartie pants suggestions on the above most welcome.

Monday, May 16, 2011

more maiming of clothes followed by freshly baked cookies

there are lots of times i'm glad i don't pay retail. if i hadn't only shelled out a loonie and 2 quarters for this shirt, i probably wouldn't have cut the collar off the polo shirt at little c's request to try it. it worked and now is one he will actually wear instead of one that will look cute sitting in his overstuffed drawer. (off to school today paired with his cute wearable monkey he made while i was coffee-ing with my blond sister this weekend-- she finds the best distractions for him ;)

it was one of those 7 am cookie baking for lunches days (my go to recipe -- gourmet mag's 4 ingredient PB cookies -- 1 c PB, 1 c sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp baking soda. 350 for 10 min)

i'm folding clothes for thrifty chicks, playdoh-ing it up with a little house guest, and putting some scene on page. hope the characters do something interesting.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

nothing says spring like free tacos

it might not always be warm outside, but the spring flowers and the easter goody stash feel like spring.

to do check-listing and thrifty chick conferencing and kidlet entertaining... that's what wednesday is made of

i'll be making story notes standing up at the kitchen counter.

when i left her yesterday (while waiting in the car while the kids placed their free taco orders and i wrote on receipts), one of the novel's main girls was goofing off at work

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

more of everything

spring break is flying by all by the seat of our pants like so we might have to be more deliberate about getting the things on our list in or we'll run out of break.
day jobs are fitting their way into in the fun
novel writing not so much.
the fodder keeps piling up though
as is little c's artwork ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

whatever it takes

little c doesn't always love his glasses (as indicated by the notes he leaves around for me to find) but even he missed them when they went missing for weeks. i suspected they may have been removed for a wrestling match a la freres and then misplaced. so he did without and then wore his old pair (with the one bottle glass lens for a while) in desperation, when scouring the house didn't work and before panicking and running out to get a new pair, i promised whichever son found them would receive an economy sized bag of chips of his choosing without the need to share. it took another week, but little c found them a couple hours past his bedtime on a school night. you know i was so excited i made good on my promise immediately and took him straight to 7-11 ;)

to do's and thrifty chick shop stocking almost taken care of. the stories of the day are on stand-by. will try not to get too sidetracked e-window shopping. (it's hard when there is stuff like this to look at ;)
if you want something wonderful to read make it this

Thursday, January 20, 2011

it's ok to love your bedroom as much as your husband, right?

i am so in love with the new master suite light fixture (thanks to the out of town curbside sourcing of my fellow thrifty chick) it has been sitting and waiting to go up and my dad arrived home from gallavanting in Toronto with my mom and came right over to put it up. it is so my favorite room even more now that when my blond sister came over with surprise starbucks yesterday (delicious tall skinny vanilla latte) i demanded we coffee on the bed to properly delight in the ambience ;)

i have a few hours to get words to page this afternoon before playdate central occurs. after that, there's the anticipation of d's arrival home for a late movie night. (the latter to get me through the former ;)
happy thursday to you

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

playing with ribbon and other rainy day activities

you know those cute folded ribbons that you see coming out in the new scrapbooking catalogues? well, i like them, but mine are boy books so the bling and ribbon i buy get used less than they would if i had to do princess pages. (plus a lot of the packs include girly colours i can't use) so i decided to make my own
steps for the interested:
1. fold ribbon (i used vintage sheen binding) and pin with a long dressmaker's pin
2. if you want a smooth like the retail thing look, fold all in one direction, with equal spacing and use matching thread to hand stitch
3. if you want a punky look to match your boy page, stitch with alternating stitch size with a contrasting color and do sections with different techniques to get a row of looks in one ribbon.
4. stitch to page (or glue dot if you are going for the smooth look)

the weather is still holding in a grey little pattern so i think a day of writing and listing cute items in the thrifty chicks store is in order.

handmade projects

Saturday, January 01, 2011

upcycling for new year's

you know i like eco-recycling things and cheap things and fun things (which explains my browsing addiction to the shabby nest and the like)
and this project was all that
conceptualized this fall after i saw something fun and bright blue shiny at le chateau
and wanted some of that
this was a fun fresh take with money left over to ring the new year in with

steps for the interested:

1. take a bright satin thrift store bridesmaid dress (v waist, hideous bows on sleeves perfect)
2. rip the seams apart from bodice to skirt with a seam ripper
3. lay the material flat, folding it in half or more, depending on size (it is now insta-lined)
4. step into it, pinning yourself into it up the left side if you're right handed (conversely, up the right side if you're left handed)
5. step out, repin along the same line turning the seams inward
6. flip sheath inside out to sew (hand stitching is your best bet unless you are a machine whiz -- satin is tricky to work with tension wise)
7. along the top, flip raw edge out, leaving enough room to work an elastic through, sew
8. pull a thick elastic through making sure it lies flat, knot at desired fit (try on)
9. stitch top shut, attach accessories pulled off original gown (bows, bling, etc) if you don't have any, disassemble a dollar store flower hair accessory in a complementary color and sew it on
10. try dress on, pinning and sewing darts where needed for fit
it is the most comfortable thing to wear if a little crease prone. ;) definitely plan to do this project again. black or champagne satin would be perfect.
happy new year 2011!
definitely a year of more fun with friends and craft projects ahead
writing will be scattered between family celebration today

handmade projects

Friday, December 17, 2010

not a creature was stirring, not even a raccoon

i love a good parcel. you know the kind that feels like coffee with a friend -- thoughtful thing after thoughtful thing ready to be pulled from its bubble mailer home.
so if there's anything better than a good parcel, it's a good parcel from a fellow blogger, and if there's anything better than a good parcel from a fellow blogger, it's one from a Canadian blogger.
they say that Canadian girls are the nicest and they're not lying.
tara's was one of those blogs that i added to my sidebar blogroll in a fit of instant love quite a while ago. not only does she have a gorgeous old house which she decorates all magazine worthy, but she lets you into her life, documenting her thoughts on early morning runs in old running shoes (in which she stops at a garage sale on the way home) and trips to the idyllic horse drawn buggy Christmas tree farm (in which the little guy crashes from his sugar high and is featured with ring pop mouth) and days where she says "i meant to do __________ but i didn't because life got in the way". (which she is smart to do to make us all feel less insecure around her mothering, working juggling, homemaking, running, home styling self ;) add to that foodie shots of everyday and a wardobe of joe and anthropologie side by side and adorable shots of her mussed up playroom that fools us into thinking our disarray looks as lovely (which conviently paves the way for more life living and writing)

and you have yourselves a keeper.

so that parcel (the one i picked up mid afternoon at a Canada Post outlet) -- from the djeco paper airplanes pack (product line i was ooohing over after this post) to the adorable little DIY stuffed raccoon middle boy made in non-stop crafting til way too late (d and i chuckle at his knitting while watching WWE self -- he really is asking no one else how to do his life -- love a confident self-guided kid ;) to the starbucks and magazine ♥ for me and the frame worthy outside melt my heart inside card -- i was all over it all.

my fellow thrifty chick and i are planning a yahoo it's the weekend sourcing trip, so if you're a fan of 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. on FB you'll have to stay tuned.

writing will have to try and work its way into the weekend. good luck to it.

Friday, December 03, 2010

robson street translated with help from the dollar store

when i was pounding robson street pavement with my leggy blond SIL yesterday, (super fun day with endless kidfree chit chat, starbucks, a yum panini lunch, and a ton of clothes try-ons) i was collecting more ideas than bags. you already know my oft repeated thrifty chick sentiments & they were coupled with i have an armload of girlie necklaces and big rings already not to mention clothes to put them over & loving components of what i oohed over (most specifically the feathers on the charm necklaces at guess and the big rings and pearlish things at mexx)

so when i got home i decided to scout for the raw materials (such as they are found at the dollar store) and mesh them together to fill that vision.


1 large ring with the paste gemstone popped off
1 strand of pearls
1 ribbon untied from the Christmas tree and ironed with your hair straightener
1 pair of feather earrings
1 bottle clear nailpolish from your make-up bag
1. small vintage brooch from your stash of such things

thrifty chicks shopping co receipt 3 x $1.25 = $3.75

steps for the interested
1. take the feather earrings apart careful to keep their metal clasp holding them tight intact
2. tie the ribbon around 1 earring's worth of them
3. tie the ribbon to where you want it to land on the necklace
4. trim ends on the diagonal
5. attach vintage brooch to finish

for the ring:
1. cover surface with clear nailpolish
2. adhere feathers from remaining earring
3. trim to fit
4. lift and add more clear nailpolish to adhere securely

for more ideas from quirky DIY girls like me look for links here

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

regular nice is just as good as special nice

the house is quiet and actually picked up for once
the story collection details are waiting in one of my favorite readers' inbox
and i have a new book to read in bed.
wednesday, you're too good to me
adorable vintage tea towel a thrifty chick find

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

back to life, back to reality

you know how when your kid has a birthday and you start throwing parties, it never seems to stop. (friends, dad's side of the family, mom's side of the family...) well, we're done now and it was fun and the boy is officially ten.
on to other stuff.
which is probably something to do with the kids' school
but when it isn't, will be that office worker at the company golf tournament story that is refusing to wrap up
good news though, the end of the short story collection is in sight.
will keep you posted
2 thrifty chicks sourced typewriter i love

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

is it any wonder i'm addicted to thrifty chicks?

they're usually the most fun

take this one for instance.

she's the best to coffee with and is game to play along

even if her favorite online seller ;) insists on documenting her inate cuteness on the spot for blogland (picking up new wardrobe items in previously purchased thrifty chicks dress that she paired with her newly acquired jeggings -- love it!)
ok, i'm off to switch it painting and note scribbling. today's story's husband just went to work. i'm sure something dramatic is about to befall his wife.